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In a story on your survey about consumer boycotts (AA, June 13), you quote one marketer saying advertising boycotts are "not an appropriate form of protest."

The American advertising profession just doesn't get it, does it? Boycotts are as American and as appropriate as apple pie. Remember the Boston Tea Party?

And, just pressing the "off" button isn't the answer for consumers. Those citizens protesting the content of programs know that boycotts work; in the ethically barren, profit-driven world of mega-advertising, the hip pocket is the only denominator corporations understand. Changing channels or turning off the TV simply doesn't have the same effect.

Of course, all these ad agencies want consumers to find a "better" way to protest-that's translated into "better for us because it doesn't cut our profits when manufacturers respond to the boycotts by cutting advertising."

It's time for some truth in advertising about the advertising business.

Terry M. Clark

Chairman, Department of Journalism, University of

Central Oklahoma, Edmond

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