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PLAY BALL: For baseball, it's a crucial time of year, the start of a new season. The major-league question: Can the sport continue its winning ways with fans?

Home run record-breakers Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa are easily the players baseball fans most want to see. But People's Pop profiles says other stars are still popular. Ken Griffey Jr. and Cal Ripken Jr. both posted healthy scores when respondents were asked if they would attend an event featuring them. And fans wouldn't mind seeing Michael Jordan come out of retirement to take another turn at bat.

Baseball fans for the most part like recent film portrayals of their sport. Tom Hanks, who starred in "A League of Their Own" in 1992, earned nearly a 100% positive response. Robert Redford, who starred in "The Natural," also swatted high numbers.

Still, not all actors make the grade. John Goodman, who played Babe Ruth in the 1992 flick "The Babe," and Tim Robbins, who played the lingerie-wearing pitching prospect in "Bull Durham," couldn't arouse any sizable support among baseball fans.

Fans also seem to prefer country singer Garth Brooks' tunes to his turn with the

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