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MEL IV: Hollywood's summertime fare is steeped in testosterone. But as "Titanic" and "The Wedding Singer" proved, to be an unqualified smash you gotta score with the women.

According to People's POP Profiles, Mel Gibson's "Lethal Weapon IV" stands the best chance at being a blockbuster with both genders. Not far behind is Harrison Ford, starring this summer in "Six Days, Seven Nights." But after them there's a huge dropoff.

Female moviegoers prefer Bruce Willis, David Duchovny, Jim Carrey and Antonio Banderas, in that order, but the difference between Mr. Willis ("Armageddon") and Mr. Banderas ("The Mask of Zorro") is only 5 POPScore points.

All but Mr. Carrey scored above average in sex appeal. All but Mr. Banderas scored above average in fun. And all but Mr. Duchovny scored above 70% in recognition.

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