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Northwestern's the college football story of the year, and their uniforms are still the pits.

Notice it wasn't until they changed the name of the damned ballpark that the 49ers started losing?

Scott De Garmo of Success magazine sends along a sleek new 128-page magazine spinoff called Working at Home with a smug fellow on the cover in his home office with his feet up, a pussy cat in his arms and what looks like a skiable Utah mountainside right out the window. Scott says the idea is "part Architectural Digest...part Home Office Computing...part Success."

Roger Ailes told Liz Smith he had a recent breakfast with presidential candidate Steve Forbes but that he won't be advising anyone officially this time around "unless you decide to run!" As for advising Steve or anyone on the arm, Roger says, "I'm especially opposed to pro bono work."

Onward and upward for Stacy Primis of Self, who's been promoted to fashion director from manager.

Prevention and Men's Health, two Rodale mags, both were winners in the second annual National Health Information Awards.

Parents had a good year, closing up 9% in ad pages with 1,259, compared to 1,155 pages a year ago.

I guess we're all pretty cheered and relieved that Kathy Lee Gifford will be staying with the Regis Philbin morning television show. Neal Travis in the New York Post reports that under her new fashion designing deal with Wal-Mart, she could earn $20 million a year.

Born into this world last month, Alexander Wolf Levy, son of PBS senior VP-advertising and so on Carole Feld and husband David Levy, president of the Corcoran Gallery in Washington.

American Heritage upping its rate base next March by 10,000 to 310,000 and Editor Richard Snow tells me he discerns the first stirrings of editorial excitement vis-a-vis the coming millennium for a magazine that takes the long view on such matters.

The NYC chapter of Trout Unlimited, a national conservation organization, has a new president, Priscilla Garston of Advertising Age, our circulation director.

Sandy Golinkin of Allure reports they closed the year up 15% in ad pages with 1,325 pages.

EvansGroup, the San Francisco marketing communications people, created the new post of chief operating officer and tapped Stacey Paynter. She joined the firm 13 years ago as a production manager.

Lou Hammond PR, New York, grabbed two classy new clients, the Franz Klammer Lodge in Telluride, Colo., and JetTrain, a new East Coast airline based in Pittsburgh and due to start flying next month.

TBWA Exec VP Robert S. Rosenthal reports he and wife Carolyn Kremins have a bouncing new daughter, Ariana. Carolyn is ad manager of Bon Appetit and by about now should be back at work bringing in the old pages.

Gourmet will close out '95 some 56 ad pages ahead of the previous year, a gain of 5%.

American Legacy, described as "a celebration of African-American history and culture," will be spun off as a quarterly starting in February by American Heritage magazine, part of the Forbes empire. Rodney J. Reynolds, the publisher, reports GM has already signed up as exclusive auto advertiser. Also buying space, MetLife, General Mills, State Farm, The Equitable and like that.

Chanel Inc. has promoted Ken Ellmer to executive director, treasury, which is how Chanel refers to the money side of the business.

New Woman just closed its biggest ad year ever (it's been around 25 years) with 985 pages. Lori Zelikow Florio said this was about 14% ahead of the 1994 total.

Victoria Lasdon Rose reports YM will increase its rate base in '96 to a cool 2 million copies. And, says Vicci, they're looking for "a seasoned sales pro" to manage their Midwest territory working out of Chicago.

Forbes magazine Senior Editor Bill Flanagan's new book from St. Martin's is "Like Mother, Like Son," all about a homicidal family. The mother, a "motorcycle mama," found a guy to bump off her biker-lover and then pleaded insanity. Seventeen years later to the day, her son strangled his girlfriend in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan. He pleaded rough sex. Flanagan got hold of the story through a private eye pal, Frank McDarby. The book party's tonight at the Continental Club in downtown Manhattan.

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