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Martin Sheen is a swell guy and a grand actor and his son Charlie is a big talent with bigger problems. Since there's no war on currently, could Sheen pere call off his antiwar protests for a bit and try to save Sheen fils? Like before the next binge is his last?

Wenner Media named a new marketing services director, promoting Joyce Parente. And its Men's Journal named John Mather fashion director and Bob Yeager fashion editor.

The March issue of Glamour soared on newsstands, up 244,000 copies over the issue a year ago. Now just which cover line did it? "How many men have you slept with?" Or, "Hair & Makeup Special?" Ruth Whitney knows but won't say.

Computerworld, the big high-tech newspaper that's now 30 years old, will undergo a Roger Black redesign. It debuts this fall.

More space cadets: Wayne Cabot of WCBS-AM, the N.Y. all-news station, reported early Saturday morning May 30 following a turbulent Wall Street week that the market would open Monday with the Dow at 9,261. Which sounded way off to me. It was. The market would open at 8,899.95, a 362-point difference. And this was the station's "Wall Street Report" on which investors presumably rely.

Dottie Enrico left USA Today to join TV Guide as new consulting editor. This means they'll be reviewing commercials from now on, much as does our Bob Garfield.

GQ Publisher Richard Beckman, a.k.a. "Mad Dog," is getting married in September to Kristen Moore, a marketing ace for Boucheron Fragrances.

Jerry Della Femina doesn't shilly-shally. In his East Hampton Independent weekly column Jerry said he loved the new Warren Beatty flick, "Bulworth," but "it won't make a dime."

Stagebill named Jo Campbell Brand West Coast ad director and promoted Scott Laine to N.Y. account manager while hiring Mary Ann Oklesson as national account manager for fashion & beauty. She was at Fairchild's Footwear News.

Mademoiselle named a West Coast editor, Jamie Diamond, a top freelancer for the last 11 years.

Myrna Blyth of Ladies' Home Journal tapped Maury Rogoff PR in N.Y. to help launch her More spinoff this September.

Parenting has a new associate publisher, Jeff Wellington, who replaces Deborah Mignucci. She left to join Babycenter, an Internet company. Jeff was ad director for GQ.

At TVSM (which publishes The Cable Guide and other mags), Mike Perlis promoted Robert Acquaotta to VP, Megan O'Brien to marketing manager, and Michele Cedo to manager of network advertising for all three of their publications.

Not a great year for Japan. Their best pitchers are playing in the States, the yen may slide to 150 to the dollar, and now "Godzilla" is a flop?

I probably won't be sending a check to Ralph Nader this week since his pitch letter spelled my name as "Brandy." Though I may drink to him.

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