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I report without comment that the 21 Club is now on the Internet.

The mind boggles to learn that the No. 1 non-fiction best seller on the list of The New York Times is Marcia Clark's apologia pro vita sua.

Speaking of judicial incompetents, and in the wake of the efficient and professional Oklahoma City bombing trial, does Judge Ito wake up every morning embarrassed all over again for the clownish capering he encouraged during the O.J. circus?

Good for Cathie Black, moving swiftly to name a permanent editor in chief at Esquire. That "acting" title that briefly burdened Randy Rothenberg was unfair to him and to the magazine.

Brian Doyle reports ad pages are up (19% year to date over last year) at Colonial Homes.

Architectural Digest closed the first half up 8% in ad pages (July will be 26% ahead), says Peter King Hunsinger. Pete's a lit'ry sort of publisher, quoting Orwell in his note: "Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket."

Former top editor for Inside Media, Steve Ellwanger, formed Mediasteve Inc. and grabbed as his first client Carat North America and its communications, media buying and marketing services. Mediasteve's number is (203) 322-6778 in Stamford, Conn.

U.S. International Film & Video Festival gave the creative excellence award this time to Yale Roe Films for its marketing video series for client Lucent Technologies.

React reports 52% of teens (7,000 were surveyed) are opposed to required gym classes.

Conde Nast Traveler boosted its rate base to 750,000, the fourth increase in eight years.

Forbes signed "supermodel" Veronica Webb to contribute to its Forbes Digital Tool online magazine. It said, with a straight face, "Veronica is a fine writer with an entertaining take on technology."

Nancy Newman says PC Magazine celebrates its 15th anniversary with the best newsstand sales ever. Even with a cover price raised 25% to $4.99.

Angus Macaulay is the new House Beautiful Eastern sales manager.

Jay Burzon says Individual Investor ad revenues for the first half were 95% higher than those a year ago.

While PC Week (Ziff Davis) quotes a Simmons study ranking it "first in terms of readership among all computer newsweeklies."

Inc. mag named Karen A. Toner its senior sales development manager.

Life after Disney? Cairns & Associates, having resigned after three years of promoting Disney consumer products (a half-dozen license deals, etc.), picked up as new accounts Helene Curtis; Swarovski, the European crystal people; and Universal Consumer Products (a division of Universal Pictures). So there.

Dominique Browning and James Truman host a welcome-aboard party tonight at the Stanhope in N.Y. for new Conde Nast House & Garden star William (Billy) Norwich.

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