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That Random House book party for sleazebag Dick Morris' book is going to be something. The wife will be there, the mistress, the hooker. Everyone'll be there but Saddam and the Kurds.

Just as Fortune declared it was now the largest circulation business mag around (citing ABC figures), Forbes put out a release saying, no, Forbes was.

Martin Spector moved from sales development chief for Cooking Light to a similar post for Weight Watchers, newly acquired by Time Inc., which also owns Cooking Light. Spector and wife, Linda, live in New Jersey, but his two children work for NY ad agencies. So there.

Prevention, the pocket-size but huge (13th largest consumer mag in the country) monthly, named a new circulation director, Jim Woods.

Stephen B. Shepard, editor of Business Week, named Stanley Reed the magazine's new London bureau chief replacing Paul Dwyer, who returns to Washington. And Moscow chief Peter Galuszka takes over in Cleveland and is succeeded by Patricia Kranz. I don't know where all this leaves Yeltsin.

Does John McEnroe actually believe he looks good with the goatee?

More tennis: Why does Nike pay Andre Agassi to wear its apparel when the guy resembles an unmade bed?

Literate reader Richard Dougherty writes chiding me (and rightly so) for spelling "wolfsbane" without that middle "s." You know, the stuff that protects you from werewolves and vampires?

Movieline magazine's new publisher, Helene Tricarico, must be pleased. As she was being feted around NY by the mag's prez, Anne Volokh, the August issue was still on sale, up 62% in ad pages over the month last year.

I hear Tiger Woods has a book deal with Pocket Books starting at $1.25 million. Hey, it's walking-around money, right?

People who know about the affair say The New Yorker take on Admiral Boorda's suicide by Peter Boyer is "the best reported piece done on Boorda." Somewhat perplexing, the last few lines, seemingly a non sequitur turning a strongly argued "act of cowardice" scenario into an "act of honor" conclusion. Most people who've talked to me about the admiral's death express compassion for his family, very little for Boorda.

Stewart Weiner, editor of Palm Springs Life magazine, sends along the September issue, over 300 pages thick. "Proof that the desert's recession is over at last," says Editor Weiner.

Self magazine trots out the forces in the fight on breast cancer Oct. 3 when Editor Rochelle Udell and Publisher Beth Fuchs Brenner host a fund-raising lunch at the Rainbow Room in Manhattan. Paula Zahn's the emcee and Geralyn Lucas, a story editor at ABC, gets the "friendship award." Avon's James Preston chairs.

National Geographic reports year to date ad pages highest in 20 years with the October issue up from 29 pages in '95 to 39 this year. Chrysler ran a 10 page unit.

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