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Interesting lunch pairing at the Four Seasons in Manhattan. On the banquette, the highest paid woman in American business, Linda Wachner, with our Ambassador to France, the Hon. Pamela Harriman, at age 75 still the most fascinating woman since the White Russians reached Shanghai.

Lou Hammond, New York, got the PR assignment from Bolle, the chic sunglasses and ski goggles people.

Mike Elgan, who's given by CMP management much of the credit for the growth of Windows Magazine, was promoted to editor. He's been there since they launched in '92, most recently as exec editor.

Andy Furman in Cincinnati sends along a delightful AP clip about "Mr. Whipple" of "Don't squeeze the Charmin" fame. Seems actor Dick Wilson, now retired, was promised a lifetime supply by Procter & Gamble. Suddenly last month the rolls stopped coming. "Maybe they thought I was dead," said "Mr. Whipple." When USA Today ran a story, P&G got on the stick and Wilson will again be supplied with a case or two each month. Phew!

I hear the Forbes magazine response to that blast by Fortune won't be a direct counterattack on Fortune but rather on Time Inc. sister mag Money for some sort of recent howler. Or at some point do saner heads prevail and peacekeeping troops intervene?

Agnes Lancaster is the newly minted group advertising director for Weider Publications. She'd been eastern ad sales chief for the group, which includes Men's Fitness, Shape, Senior Golfer and my own fave, Flex.

Also onward and upward, Julie Mulholland, who left McCann after six years (she was account supervisor on Coke Classic) for Wells Rich where she's a VP-account supervisor for Heineken.

Let's hear it for American Health magazine. Publisher Susan Buckley tells me they'll be sending a check to the American Heart Assn. So what? Well, they're sending 10% of their entertainment expenses for the month of February, which is a pretty novel wrinkle. And that will include, says Susan, lunch with Brady at the Four Seasons.

John Leo of U.S. News notifies me the annual Sag Harbor Softball dinner is Saturday Feb. 3 at Tavern on the Green in Central Park. Lots of swell ballplayers and healthy egos are expected.

Ed Kelly, publisher of Travel & Leisure, says ad pages are up 13% through February. Modest fellow that he is, Ed's appearing in a contest in which agency folks guess where Kelly (in pith helmet) is seen vacationing.

Newsweek has a new creative director for its ad sales art and promotion departments. He's Paul Kelly (this is a big week for the Kellys), who'd been with Time Mirror Magazines and formerly in the agency business including a shop of his own and Ogilvy.

Jack Brittain, the Chicago direct marketer, chides me for spelling it "Gerry" rather than "Jerry," when referring to Mr. Levin, chairman of Time Warner. Is anyone sure?

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