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Dept. of "I love Gloria Steinem. But give me a break!" The New York Times reported Gloria has now discovered "the Bushmen." Last June Ms. Steinem visited the Kalahari Desert in Botswana and met a leader of the local Bushmen and recently hosted a reception for him in Manhattan. Said Gloria, we have much to learn from these chaps. "They are so exemplary of so many things we are trying to do here, on gender balance and on violence-free resolution of conflict....we may be exploring outer space but they [the Bushmen] have knowledge of inner space." It is such thoughts that sustain me in the struggle.

Managing Editor John Walter of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution sends along a little book they've compiled called "The Vent," composed from a Page 2 feature every day which is actually the work of their readers. Folks call in to a local number to offer their gripe, quip, query or whatever, and the best stuff runs in the paper. They get about 100,000 calls a year and "The Vent" contains "the best" of the lot. Sample: "If the Waffle House is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why do they have locks on the door?"

Is react working? The teen spinoff of Parade magazine reports a dozen more newspapers will carry the new interactive mag starting this month. That brings the total papers to 95.

As his 100th birthday neared, voila! there was a George Burns commemorative doll, produced by Effanbee Doll Co. in Linden, N.J. Wild Communications in Montville, N.J., is the agency.

It was a happy holiday season for Travel Holiday Publisher James Sammartino and his lawyer-wife Nancy. They and their 7-year-old daughter Julie celebrated a first Christmas with new son Peter, adopted last year and just 4 years old now. The Sammartinos, including Julie, adopted the lad in his native Bulgaria and the trip and the red tape and the rest of it rates at least a TV movie. With Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen maybe?

Chris Millard, one of the editors at Golf World (a New York Times Co. mag), left to join Golden Bear International as director of communications, the North Palm Beach, Fla., amalgamation of Jack Nicklaus' extensive business interests that include equipment, productions and course design.

Jann Wenner's Men's Journal closed the year 131 pages ahead of 1994 for a total of 852 ad pages in the year. Next month they up the rate base from 300,000 to 400,000.

Mike Renfro, a creative director of the Richards Group, a Dallas agency, is the author of a new book, "Under the X in Texas," a volume of Texas-oriented essays and short stories. At his day job Renfro wrote many of the "Motel 6" commercials. You know, "We'll leave the light on ...."

This Old House, a Time Publishing Ventures mag, named Rick Anderson and Brooks Crandall (and isn't that a neat Time Inc. name?) associate eastern ad directors.

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