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On the main floor of Bloomingdale's in Manhattan these days is a startling photo of Frank Sinatra wearing a grotesque rug and peddling what is called "legendary Sinatra neckwear." He can't be this broke, can he?

The great Alistair Cooke has a new book out called "Fun & Games With Alistair Cooke," published for the first time now in the U.S. by Arcade Publishing, New York. The cover photo features suave Alistair on a golf course fairway about to whack a ball.

If it's not too late, let me cite the Sunday mag of The New York Times for its "untold war stories" and Time magazine for its splendid facsimile of the May 14, l945 issue, both of them marking the anniversary of V-E Day and both magnificent.

Top fashion industry PR types never die and apparently don't fade away, either. Lunching at Le Cirque in Manhattan, Eleanor Lambert, who must be in her 90s, being greeted by Helen Gurley Brown and designer John Weitz. And on the Hampton Jitney, recently recovered from a cardiac operation but headed into the city, Rosemary Sheehan.

The promotional photo of Gore Vidal accompanying material on his latest book, "Palimpsest," may have been taken the year his first novel, "Williwaw," was written. That was 1946.

Good hunting over at "Good Morning America" to Jackie Leo. TV's gain is print's loss.

Carlos Lamadrid was promoted by GQ to apparel director for advertising.

New VP-director of marketing for Wells Rich Greene BDDP Advertising is Sheri Robbins, formerly with Marshall Jaccoma Mitchell.

At FamilyFun magazine, Alexandra Kennedy promoted Clare Ellis to editor and Ann Hallock to exec editor.

The newly anointed publisher of House & Garden (due to be relaunched in September of next year and why did they ever kill it anyway?) is the very hot David Carey, since '92 publisher of SmartMoney. A brilliant hire by Conde Nast's Steve Florio.

Newsweek hired Tara Sonenshine as a contributing editor for special projects and Lisa Burroughs as deputy picture editor.

Can it be 21 years? Star magazine celebrates its 21st anniversary in print this Friday evening with a cocktail party and dinner aboard a yacht on the Hudson River.

Am I the only one not astonished to learn that Tony Robbins, that tall, lantern-jawed chap who's all over TV telling us how to better ourselves, will have to pay out over 200 grand to settle federal charges he misled investors about profits to be made from the franchising of his seminars on positive thinking? Robbins, who uses such figures as Fran Tarkenton to pitch his motivational rubbish, has on at least one occasion served as guru to Bill Clinton at Camp David. There's still one born every minute ..........

Mark your dance cards now for Thursday, Nov. 9, at the New York Public Library on Fifth Ave. where Glamour magazine will salute its 10 "women of the year."

Jerry Della Femina and wife Judy Licht throw open their East Hampton house this coming Saturday in a fund-raiser for Body Positive of N.Y., an AIDS self-help organization. Chase Manhattan Bank and Newsday sponsor the hundred dollar per head event.

Publisher and Editorial Director Scott Mowbray of Eating Well mag is one of those innocent, soft-spoken fellows from the Canadian north woods and then all of a sudden he's showing you a pretty impressive set of numbers which seemingly indicate his category is way up in average paid circulation vis-a-vis the competition. Scott counts his book plus Cooking Light to be a category, with Gourmet, Food & Wine and Bon Appetit being the competition. Doing just fine in ad pages as well, says Scott.

Bates USA did this big new pro bono campaign for the Ad Council in which pregnant women are urged, as part of their routine prenatal regime, to request an HIV test. The campaign was announced at the White House last week by Hillary Clinton and officers of the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

John Pagliaro reports that over at Popular Mechanics they closed out the first half up 45 pages over the period last year, a gain of about 13%. Robert B. Dillingham's the happy publisher.

Outside Kids magazine reports Mark Pfetzer of Middletown, R.I., is in training to become the youngest person ever to scale Mount Everest. He's 15. At 15 I thought conjugating Latin verbs was about as exciting as it got.

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