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After CBS golfcaster Ben Wright shot off his mouth (or didn't) about the sport's lesbians, Phil Mushnick's column in the New York Post gave the story something of a new perspective by writing that Wright was simply saying what officials of the Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour have themselves been less publicly remarking. "For the last few years," Mushnick writes, "the LPGA's marketing strategy has been based on its keen awareness that the LPGA Tour has more homosexuals than commonly found around the house or at the driving range." And he cites a May 1993 issue of Golf Digest in which Tom Watson suggested lesbianism on the women's Tour "made it difficult to secure major corporate sponsors." And Mushnick wraps up with a dig at LPGA commish Charles Mechem Jr. who bemoaned all the excitement as having "crudely and needlessly harmed .....talented young players." This would be a noble sentiment, Mushnick writes, if we didn't "know about the LPGA's efforts to sell itself as lesbian-free."

Printing industry figure Arthur Crumlish sends along his son Christian Crumlish's latest book, "A Guided Tour of the Internet," published by Sybex in San Francisco. Young Christian appar-ently understands all this stuff.

Lunching with Glamour magazine's Editor Ruth Whitney, I was impressed all over again by her sangfroid regarding that photo of Kate Moss' left nipple in the June issue (in an ad for Calvin Klein's Obsession fragrance). Had there been a high-level debate before that ad was accepted? No, said cool Ruth, but there had been such a debate (and an eventual rejection) some years back of a similar frontal view. "But that was a publisher or two ago," said Editor Whitney.

Spin mag upped Associate Publisher David Rheins to the new post of president. Bob Guccione Jr. continues to be the boss.

Neal Travis, the New York Post columnist, is of course from the Antipodes and can therefore be forgiven. But in a recent item about how terrified then young Dan Rather was of Lyndon Johnson, Neal refers to LBJ as Speaker of the House. Lyndon was Senate Majority Leader before becoming Veep but was never Speaker. In those days "Mistah Speakuh" was fellow Texan Sam Rayburn.

Need a quick magazine fix? Get hold of a copy of a quarterly called Going Bonkers? It's published in Palm Beach (Margaret Harold Roberts is both editor and publisher) and it's lots of fun. Even if it does concede that if you really are sick, "consult your doctor." They've got an 800-number, 1-800-403-8850.

Comedy Central named a new VP-marketing, Paul LaRocca, who'd been in the same job at Wenner Media.

The FCC ought to rescind the broadcast license of the next TV or radio station that puts that moron Kato Kaelin on the air.

Vibe magazine named Joseph Angio its managing editor and Derick Procope its new fashion director.

AA (for American Airlines) Magazine Publications has a new western region ad manager, Marta Priestly.

Artificial blood? The May issue of Hippocrates mag in San Francisco says it's now possible "to brew hemoglobin." One catch: They're not yet sure it's safe. But they're "closing in."

Sales whiz Robert F. Taylor has a new book out, published by the Dartnell Corp. in Chicago, titled, "185 Sales Tips for Sure-Fire Success."

Mark your dance cards now, Tuesday, June 20, for the Ad Council's annual awards presentation at the Waldorf in New York. They'll be saluting "the spirit of volunteerism." For tix call (212) 922-1500, ext. 0. The annual G.D. Crain award will go to an ad agency volunteer for his or her contributions.

The Meredith magazine Successful Farming purchased a monthly newsletter called Ag/Innovator, and will retain its founder and editor, Grant Mangold.

The American Legion's Post 209, "the Admen's Post," holds its usual lunch on Flag Day this year, June 14, at Tavern on the Green. A splendid body of men.

Richard Weiner sends along an ad from The New York Times by the Denny's restaurant chain in which the copy promises "sizzling, tender prime rib with au jus." Hell, for $5.99 you want them to feed you and speak French, too?

Nancy Lindemeyer and her Victoria magazine will stage a series of readings starting June 12 and continuing for three consecutive Mondays at Abraham Goodman House on West 67th Street in New York. Readers include Julie Harris, Richard Kiley, Marian Seldes and Rosemary Harris.

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