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Newspaper syndicates and cartoonists will be celebrating next month the 100th anniversary of the comic strip. The Library of Congress and U.S. Postal Service will also participate in the hoopla and bunkum.

Robert Acquaotta rejoined as ad sales director of both titles, The Cable Guide and Total TV.

Managing Editor John Huey and Publisher Stuart Arnold host a luncheon celebration of the 40 years Fortune magazine's been compiling a list of its 500 rich people. They'll do it at the Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan on May 1, traditionally labor day in Europe and a big holiday in communist countries. So there!

Headed for the best seller lists if not there already, "Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women," by Michael Gross, published by Morrow. Gross, who's been a staffer for The New York Times and New York magazine and is now writing for Esquire, really knows his stuff. Compulsive reading.

Terrifically dramatic and exciting Rolling Stone piece by Peter Wilkinson on "big wave surfer" Mark Woo who was killed by a wave just before Christmas while surfing Maverick's, 20 or so miles south of San Francisco. The wave spilled Woo, which is hardly uncommon, but then it and a succeeding wave held him pinned to the bottom until he drowned.

Glamour magazine is cruising along nicely, up in ad pages during the first quarter by 20% over the period a year ago. "Up" categories? Beauty, automotive, fragrances and tech.

Splendid scene at the Grill Room of the Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan the other day where Mario Cuomo was lunching with book editor Alice Mayhew, and Julian Niccolini of the restaurant's management somehow contrived to come up with a huge bag of Doritos and went table to table serving them to the usual elegant crowd, ending at Cuomo's table. Julian got a round of applause and a sort of strained grin from the former but still beloved Guv.

Nice pickup by WCBS-TV News in New York of Dave Sims as weekend sports anchor. Sims is a good one.

Peter Bart and Gerry Byrne of Variety pulled off a coup by drawing some big names to their conference on the media co-sponsored by investment bankers Wertheim Schoder & Co. Among those on hand, Brandon Tartikoff, Ted Turner, John Malone, Jane Fonda and Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger. Spectators tell me even the Wall Street types attending oohed and ahhed over Ah-nuld.

Longtime radio and TV producer Kathy Novak and husband John Crosson had their first child, a little girl named Kathleen Lee.

They've named their first "garden editor" at Martha Stewart Living magazine. She's Margaret Roach, who'd been with Newsday.

Bumper sticker seen on the Long Island Expressway: "Forget 911. Dial .357." Yes, we have rednecks on Long Island.

Ketchum Advertising in Pittsburgh promoted Christopher Pratt to VP-associate creative director.

Parenting mag gave its 1995 lifetime achievement award for enhancing children's lives to Gloria Steinem at a 21 Club lunch.

H.L. Stevenson died. He was UPI's top editor and a splendid fellow who gave Ad Age and its sister Crain publications the advantage of his wisdom and canny counsel in recent years. He also lectured at NYU on journalism. Steve knew a lot about a lot of things, including China, and was always going to write the definitive book on the Yangtse River. It may not ever have become a best seller but I know it would have been good. And I hope as they go through his effects, that Yangtse River book is somewhere among them.

Cleveland's Convention & Visitors Bureau has a new VP-tourism, Glen Shumate.

She's just about the best I've ever dealt with, but the rumors are true: Susan Kerr is leaving CBS Sports where she's been director of programming.

American Heritage a Forbes magazine, hit alltime highs in both ad revenue (33% ahead) and pages (up 30%) in the April travel issue.

Lou Hammond & Associates, the NY PR firm, picked up the AlphaNet Telecom account.

At Mademoiselle, Nina Lawrence is the new associate publisher and Erica Bartman the ad director.

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