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I don't know how much CBS News is paying Dominick Dunne to summarize each Friday the O.J. trial week but if they only give Nick 15 seconds, seems to me a waste of his time and their money.

Self has a new creative marketing manager, Lisa Golden, formerly with the Angotti, Thomas, Hedge agency.

Charles Kuralt's the speaker at a luncheon April 6 at the St. Regis Roof for the New York Landmarks Preservation Foundation. Charley is himself something of a landmark to be preserved.

Ronald J. Weilbacher joined Travel & Leisure as L.A. account manager.

In The New York Times, Jim Koch does an amusing piece on the "dumbing of America" and then spells Jim Carrey's name with one "r."

Ellen Sulzberger Straus, a member of the family that owns the Times, and who with husband Peter Straus for years ran radio station WMCA in New York, died aged 69. An elegant, delightful lady.

Bridal Guide mag says of nearly 5000 readers who responded to a questionnaire about marriage and why people wed, 46% were grooms-to-be.

Harper's named Peter D. Kendall VP-associate publisher.

Say it ain't so, Lawrence Taylor.

Effective next Monday at The New York Times, there'll be a new VP for ad sales, Jyll F. Holzman. She'd been with Disney.

Anyone out there who knows where I can still catch, even occasionally, radio reruns of "The Goon Show"?

The good news? David Brown is back producing movies. Brown, whose credits include "Jaws," "The Verdict," "The Sting" and lots more, teams with Joe Wizan to make for Paramount this new best seller and Book of the Month Club selection, "Kiss the Girls," by J. Walter Thompson Chairman James Patterson. In an earlier thriller, "Along Came a Spider," Patterson created a fine offbeat hero, Alex Cross, and brings him back here in a yarn about Ted Bundy-type serial killers and rapists. The bad news? The novel, way up there on all the best seller lists, is adolescent masturbatory rubbish.

What's with Brooks Brothers? I attempted to purchase a classic formal evening shirt, size 16-35, only to be told they were all out. Paul Stuart came to the rescue.

George Penz moves from Good Housekeeping to Hearst Corporate as group director for tobacco and booze.

For the 42nd time, on Friday of this week, St. Patrick's Day will be celebrated in Manhattan by the Amadan Society, consumer mag sales execs who host an invitation-only gathering at noon at the Peninsula Hotel.

Curious ad from Visa helping support our national ski team by comparing U.S. racer Tommy Moe to Japanese wartime kamikaze pilots whose entire aim, you may recall, was to commit suicide by crashing their planes into U.S. ships.

Onward and upwards with Martha Stewart Living, which jumped its rate base from 875,000 to 1.2 million, a 37% increase! The book's been around only since '91 and this is the seventh rate base boost.

Don't expect Peter Lund to be merely a caretaker for CBS while Larry Tisch makes up his mind what to do with the network. Peter's innovative, smart, hustles and is even a good guy. Ask Tom Leahy, whom he succeeded in his previous CBS corporate job.

At GQ they promoted Shelley Cohn to creative services director and Pamela Norwood to promotion services chief.

Variety and Wertheim Schroder host a "big picture" conference April 5 at the Pierre in New York with heavy hitters on panels throughout the day to include John Malone, Michael Douglas and Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger.

Brendan Amyot of Vibe mag and formerly with Spin, is the new associate consumer marketing director at Entertainment Weekly.

My bid is in! On April 1 Christie's in N.Y. will auction off Clark Gable's 1930s Willys-Knight roadster.

Ann Forster is promoted to VP for Franco-Berk, the big NY PR firm where she continues as director of media relations but adds management and new business chores.

Let's hear it for Cracker Jack! Trying to get the baseball nonsense settled, they've gone online to elicit comments and suggestions from fans. Cracker Jack was, of course, immortalized in that 1908 song, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

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