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Love that infectious Martina Navratilova giggle on the commercial for The New York Times.

USA Weekend reports a survey of reader preference had 80% supporting the TV show "My So-called Life" over "Party of Five." So there!

Susannah Pask says for year to date Bridal Guide ad pages are up 27% over the period early last year and revenues are 37% ahead.

Nice Buzz mag cover story on Hollywood's new "baby moguls," headlined "Move over, Michael Ovitz."

Why is it when Charles Barkley in an All-Star game interview says, "I hate white people," that's amusing and the product endorsements continue to roll in? But when the president of Rutgers gets off a half-baked remark about genes, heredity and SAT scores, students try to shut down the campus, demand a resignation and call for boycotts of firms (like Coca-Cola) who donate money to their education?

Cosgrove & Juro account exec Kim Banks, now living in London, joined the British direct marketing agency Team, headquartered at Cavendish House, London, which Kim reports is convenient to the pubs.

Newsweek promoted Paul Dworkis to controller. He's the guy who keeps an eye on the dough!

When Essence magazine celebrates its 25th anniversary (in the special May issue) they'll hail women achievers under 25 and run essays by Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison and other major black writers.

Hey, under Ed Kosner, Esquire's stirring. Publisher Lawrence Burstein reports they closed the second half up 24% in newsstand sales and for the first quarter of '95 ad pages are up 28% ahead of the period a year ago.

Oprah Winfrey will be keynote speaker April 4 at the Waldorf in Manhattan when New York Women in Communications hands out their annual Matrix Awards over lunch.

Toby Jones was named to manage all Vanity Fair business out of the magazine's Detroit office. She's had her own rep firm for the past 17 years with such top clients as Hearst Publishing, Fairchild, Meredith Corp., etc.

react, the new weekly mag for youngsters between 12 and 15 due to debut Sept. 11, named Susan Seliger its editor. react, with lower case "r," will be a home-delivered spinoff of Parade. Ms. Seliger did magazine development for Time Inc. and for Hearst.

Steve Childs, president of Texas Monthly, will resign March 15. He'll be doing entrepreneurial stuff. Stout fellow. Both he and Mike Levy say the parting's amicable.

Ketchum Advertising/Pittsburgh named Pamela S. Fahlund VP-group planning director.

Oh, drat and darn! Pat Buchanan's again giving up his newspaper column to run for president! He doesn't seem to realize anyone can run for prez; newspaper colyums are important!

Great idea from Simon & Schuster's The Free Press division: They'll publish David Gelernter's book "1939: The Lost World of the Fair," all about maybe the greatest of all world's fairs.

Re the Al Cowlings' 900-number, everyone in California's making a buck on the trial but Fatty Arbuckle!

Cover story in Radio Ink mag about Nick Verbitsky and why he and partner Dick Clark got back in the radio network biz.

Branding consultant Mark LaRocca set up the LaRocca Group to service clients by "building brands." They're at (212) 759-5460 in Manhattan.

Fitness mag Editor Rona Cherry will do a six-part special about fitness as a way of life over CBS Radio Network this coming weekend. Stay tuned.

Through the April issue, Seventeen is up more than 8% in ad pages over the 1994 period. April itself was 12% ahead.

Black Tail, "the erotic monthly magazine," promoted Dynamite, the talent coordinator, to publisher. That's her name, Dynamite.

Ken Wallace of Prevention reports the magazine had a record year (in '94) with both ad and circulation highs and 1995 is starting off splendidly with first-quarter ad pages 41% ahead.

Also in great shape, Men's Fitness, which just closed its May issue with 45 ad pages, an all-time high.

Morning after the Colin Ferguson (Long Island RR gunman) verdict came in, WCBS-AM radio (all news radio, at that!) headlined its story, "Ferguson guilty on all counts." Wrong. Does anyone edit this stuff before it gets on the air?

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