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Whoever styled Mary Tyler Moore's new hair (red & spiky) did the poor woman no favors.

Roger Mudd hosts a new documentary about a really historic trial next Sunday evening over the History Channel. It's "Nuremberg: Tyranny on Trial" and is by Lou Reda Productions.

Best thing about getting the NBA back on the boards is again reading New York Post hoops columnist Peter Vecsey, by a long shot the best in the biz.

Traditional Home mag named Elvin McDonald its garden editor. He's a big deal in his specialty, having written 50 books and been garden ed. for House Beautiful and the Houston Post, among others.

A great line from the Imus in the Morning syndicated radio show. Fred Imus (the great man's bro) says it's not fair. Catholics have "the most beloved man in the world, the Pope. We [Protestants, presumably] have Jerry Falwell."

Reading John Lahr's The New Yorker review of a new play by Irishman Sebastian Barry, "The Steward of Christendom," makes you want to get on the plane for London to see it. Great critical writing by Lahr.

Suzanne Grimes' promotion to senior VP-publisher of TV Guide makes sense. She's been the No. 2 as national ad director under departed Mary Berner and, if anyone does, she knows the territory.

Art & Antiques magazine promoted managing ed. John Wolfe to editor in chief. In a previous life Wolfe was NY bureau chief for Ad Age.

Conde Nast Traveler created a new post, that of executive director, and filled it with former Ad Director John Hillock. Ilene Rapkin succeeds as ad director.

That Jeep Grand Cherokee commercial where the thing sinks into quicksand to drive underneath a water buffalo is idiotic. Who wants an all-terrain vehicle that sinks?

Group Publisher Diane Oshin says both Parenting and Baby Talk will increase rate bases by 10% to 1.1 million each effective January.

Notice how a tackler can wave at Herschel Walker and he goes down? The Jints need Herschel on his feet.

The Broadway Association will honor former CBS biggie Tom Leahy and the Theatre Development Fund he heads at a lunch Nov. 2. Cronkite's the emcee and Mayor Giuliani the speaker.

Former op-ed page deputy editor for The New York Times, Susan Lee, joins Worth magazine as columnist and contributing editor.

Big "Creativity" world's fair opens Wednesday at Universal Studios in Hollywood and runs through Sunday. Inventors, entrepreneurs, lots of creative types are expected.

With the great Robin Wolaner leaving Sunset Publishing Corp. in January to do start-up things for Time Inc. Ventures, they've named Stephen J. Seabolt president-CEO of Sunset magazine. He'd been publisher.

Michael Bamberger, longtime Philadelphia Inquirer writer, joined Sports Illustrated as a senior writer.

NY1, the all-news cable channel owned by Time Warner in New York, targets WCBS-TV in its hostile promotions. Top dogs at NY1, Paul Sagan and Steve Paulus, were both formerly news execs at WCBS-TV News, Sagan as director.

Whoops! there she goes again! Martha Stewart Living magazine, with two rate base increases slated for 1996 (to over 1.5 million), continues to confound the experts. Remember all those hostile magazine profiles of Martha earlier this year? Didn't scratch the Teflon.

Playboy's Richard Kinsler says their Web site (averaging 100,000 visits and 1.4 million hits a day) is attracting its first major advertisers. On board are Carter Wallace-Arrid, Warner Interactive, MGM and Southern Comfort.

Welcome back, Valerie! Valerie Salembier joins Chris Meigher's communications company, taking over as president of newly acquired Quest magazine and as VP-magazine development for Meigher.

Big theatre party Nov. 8 benefiting the U.N. Development Fund for Women features a champagne supper at the Marriott Marquis and then hon. chair Julie Andrews onstage in "Victor/Victoria." Info and tix, call (212) 697-3232, ext. 354.

PR whiz Maury Rogoff pulling in the new clients including Day & Date, the new Group W-CBS joint venture talk show, as well as Perfumes Isabell and LIVE! magazine from Ticketmaster.

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