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There's "Dumb and Dumber." And then there's Darryl Strawberry, who threw it all away.

Cyril O'Brien alerts me Marine and other veterans of Iwo Jima will return to the island March 14 (50th anniversary of the day the Japanese commander notified the Emperor the battle was lost). For info, contact retired Marine Col. Warren Wiedhahn, 1500 King St., Suite 200, Alexandria, Va. 22314, or call 1-800-722-9501.

Motor Boating & Sailing (Hearst) is up 52% in ad pages (at 188 pages) this month over the same month a year earlier, says Editor-Publisher Peter Janssen.

On a so-called "education page" in the New York Post, they ran a feature on ice hockey, in which the phrase appeared: ".*.*. the penalty benches ... is ... on the opposite side."

Mitch Fox reports in from Vanity Fair where first-quarter ad pages are up from 171 a year ago to 209 pages this year, or over 22%.

The great Mike Elliot died late last month aged 75. When Mike was a still photographer, Dick Avedon was his darkroom man. Mike went on to become (with brother Steve) perhaps the first commercial production specialist and may have shot more commercials than any director ever and had every award imaginable. His west side Manhattan studio became the hangout for giants like Bill Bernbach, Steve Frankfurt, George Lois, Julian Koenig and the like. Maybe his most famous commercial (they estimate it's been seen by 3 billion people) was the Indian with the tear flowing down his check. Says George Cooney of EUE Screen Gems, "He invented our business."

David Carey, publisher of SmartMoney, turns in an impressive report card for the year just closed. In 1994 they raised their circulation base three times (it's just gone to 550,000). Ad pages rose 86% from 506 pages in '93 to 944 in 1994. PIB revenue nearly tripled, up from $7 million to $21 million.

Next Tuesday (Feb. 28) at the New York Academy of Art they hold the second annual Tribeca Ball, raising dough for the Graduate School of Figurative Art. Chairs include Tom Wolfe, Christopher Forbes, Nicole Miller. Call Ingalisa for info at 212-966-0300.

Judy Glassman's the new promotion director at Allure magazine, sharing the job with Dana Miller, and both reporting to Marketing Director Ron Prince. Judy was with the Rowland Co. working on Du Pont business and previously with Ian Sshcager's hotel group.

Reporting in from Rincon, Puerto Rico (while en route to Miami's South Beach), is Roland the bartender from The Blue Parrot in East Hampton. Surf's up, says Roland.

Bill Kupper, publisher of Time Inc.'s Health magazine, says they closed the first quarter up 22% in ad pages over the period last year. And that they've closed the deal for supermodel Kim Alexis to host a weekly syndicated 30-minute TV show to debut in September, produced by Warner Bros. They'll sell the show in combination with pages in the magazine.

Gina Sanders says Details is doing good business with new editor Joe Dolce. First-quarter ad pages were (at 200 pages total) up nearly 19% over the quarter last year.

"Ya takes ya pick," writes reader A.H. Rosenfeld, who sends along a New York Times assessment of Super Bowl commercials as "actually enjoyable and entertaining" and a Wall Street Journal assessment of same as "predictable and dull with few highlights."

Drew Reid Kerr of Four Corners Communications at 160 Fifth Ave. in Manhattan is so desperate for help he's offering two orchestra seats to any Broadway show for the right PR professional with the appropriate skills.

Expect a new look and approach to fund-raising by the Easter Seal folks this March 4-5. Instead of their familiar, oldstyle "telethon," the 20-hour event (from Pasadena) will feature more entertainment and celebs, plus "theme" segments on acceptance of children and family members with disabilities. Pat Boone again hosts.

Family Life, the new Wenner mag said to have been struggling, will show substantial ad page gains in its March/April issue, up 24 pages over the issue a year ago with 70 pages, a gain of about 52%.

And in a stunning first quarter, Reader's Digest was up 50% in ad pages over the quarter a year ago, admittedly a tough year, especially for RD.

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