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There's Pig's Eye and Rattlesnake and once there was Nude beer, but now add Naughty Boy beer to the brewing lexicon.

Chicago's Acme Brewing Co., owned by the maker and marketer of Baderbrau, is launching Naughty Boy in Chicago with hopes of expanding to several Midwestern locations.

"There was no reason we chose the name, no research. We just though it was a great name that would appeal to the younger drinker," said George Gier, a principal in the Leap Partnership.

The agency got some ownership of the brand in return for providing services.

Co-op radio advertising features a man or woman discussing Naughty Boy, but the listener doesn't learn they are discussing a beer until well into the spot. The 60-second spots feature a 40-second window for sellers to promote themselves.

Mr. Gier said spending will depend on distribution and retailer support.M


Naughty Boy's labels come in several different versions.

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