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Sexed Up Tire Ad
Marketer: Bridgestone Firestone North America
Brand: Bridgestone Tires
Title: "Dueler"
Agency: Grey Worldwide

Disguised as a slick music and ballroom-dancing-duel video, this spot has a steamy Latin essence and a lot of leg. Its one of a series of music performance commercials that bring a new sort of glitz and entertainment value to the art of hawking car tires.

How Many Fingers?
Marketer: Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority
Brand: Las Vegas Tourism
Title: "Punch Drunk"
Agency: R&R Partners, Las Vegas

Beat into a stupor, a prizefighter stumbles into his dressing room followed by a mob of reporters howling for interviews. His manager rushes to his side, asking him a crucial question before the reporters are let in. It's all further proof that, in Vegas, 'What happens here stays here.'

Dying for Kohler
Marketer: Kohler
Brand: Kohler Bathroom Fixtures
Title: "Last Words"
Agency: GSD&M, Austin, Texas

An elderly woman lies dying in an elegant bedroom surrounded by mementos of her loving family and a rich and colorful life. She's seen it all and done it all, she says -- until the door to the newly renovated bathroom opens revealing an opulent marble Kohler endless flow elevated bathtub. 'Damn!' she says in exasperation before dying.

Trojan Man to the Rescue
Marketer: Dwight & Church
Brand: Trojan Condoms
Title: "Surfer Couple"
Agency: In-house

Sheathing their erect surfboards in tubular covers, a teenage-looking couple 'warms up' on the beach and gets ready to 'bump the buoy.' Trojan man magically appears and offers them a Warm Sensations condom, Trojan's latest product improvement. This spot should raise some hackles among red-state viewers.

Flaming Guitar
Marketer: Heineken
Brand: Heineken
Title: "Fire"
Agency: Publicis

A rock band, whose members are also cult-like worshipers of Heineken beer, is holding an audition to find a new lead guitarist. The candidate awes them with a Hendrix-esque guitar solo that ends with splashed lighter fluid and a flaming instrument. But the music goes sour when the virtuoso uses the wrong beer to dowse the fire.

The Meaning of Pigs
Marketer: Fareastone, Taiwan
Brand: I-Mode Traffic Updates
Title: "Pigs"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Taipei

Is it an epithet or warning the young female driver yells at the two men speeding dangerously down a Taiwan rural road in a muscle car? The duo learns only too soon that 'pigs' meant just that.

Marketer: Aflac
Brand: Aflac Insurance
Title: "Broken Leg"
Agency: Kaplan Thaler Group

The Aflac duck is back, signing rent checks and paying the Chinese food delivery man for a worker who has been laid up with a broken leg.

St. Joe's
Marketer: St. Joseph's
Brand: St. Joseph's Aspirin
Title: "Traveling Pill"
Agency: Deutsch

A country banjo player singing a tune in front of a heart chart is about as hokey as it gets. But the strategy works for the simple message that St. Joseph's is hammering home about its 81 mg. aspirin for adult heart health.

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