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Bringing Up Baby: The Best of E-Trade's Spokestot

Would You Send the Baby Packing?

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The baby's seen a lot in his time.
The baby's seen a lot in his time.

E-Trade and Grey, New York, have parted ways, ending a six-year relationship that gave birth to the iconic, financially savvy talking baby. The marketer is now looking for a new agency, but does that mean the end of the baby? He's already diversified his portfolio, so that should cover prep school, college and that Westchester house he's always wanted.

While the baby, who's made numerous Super Bowl appearances, has been a consumer favorite, some have suggested that as cute as he is, he was getting a little old.

Watch our favorite work featuring the tot below.

"Baby Trading" (2008)
In its inaugural baby-themed spot, Grey's E-Trade baby met a massive audience during the 2008 Super Bowl and demonstrated just how easy it was to use the online trading platform.

"Baby Banking" (2008)
The little guy returned shortly after to show off his new flush status and provide a reminder that it's still easy to make poor spending decisions.

"Wings" (2009)
A new infant duo presents E-Trade as a way to gain a semblance of control in a bad economy. It also proves that even an adorable baby can't keep you from cringing at a bad falsetto.

"E-Trade Babies UnBroke - an ABC Special" (2010)
Our little friends and businesswoman Mellody Hobson explain a few basic money concepts for ABC's Un-Broke -- a 2010 television special providing young adults with financial tips.

"Solitary" (2010)
In this one, little man and his best friend are placed in baby jail, but smuggled mobile devices and E-Trade apps provide the only access to the outside world these two really need. For a while, at least.

"Golf Baby" (2010)
Baby gets a little ruthless in this one.

"Girlfriend" (2010)
Here we learn that while E-Trade can provide a solution to diversify your portfolio, it probably can't do very much for your love life. Grey and the marketer also discovered that naming a baby with a substance-abuse issue "Lindsay" can also result in a lawsuit from an adult Lindsay ... Lohan.

"Outtakes" (2010)
What the babies are up to when they're not giving you advice.

"Cat" (2011)
This little guy has all kinds of life advice for investors. And felines.

"Tailor" (2011)
In 2011 we learn why our baby looks so good -- and that E-Trade can help some form of the American dream come true.

"Fatherhood" (2012)
We caught a glimpse of an E-Trade mom in 2010 and in this Super Bowl XLVI spot, we meet a dad who's a little concerned about financing yet another life -- baby's got his back, though.

"Best Man" (2012)
The best little man explains that you do things on your own terms.

"Save it" (2013)
In the most recent baby spot, the little guy points out that 401k hidden fees can really add up, but If you were planning on blowing that money anyway, he's happy to show you how.

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