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Mazda Buys Into
Racy MTV Music

Britney Does Madonna
Client: Mazda
Brand: Mazda RX8
Title: "Me Against the Music"
Agency: Jive Records, in-house
Their homoerotic antics triggered such a buzz at the MTV Video Music Awards that Britney and Madonna are doing it again in this Mazda-sponsored music video. In return for its money, Mazda gets 14-seconds of exposure for its RX-8 sports car at the opening of the three-minute advertainment. Britney gets to hawk a track from her new CD and Madonna gets to push a walking cane between her legs.

Hot Dog! It's Pepsi
Client: PepsiCo
Brand: Pepsi-Cola
Title: "Summer Job"
Agency: BBDO Worldwide, New York
It's not easy being a hot dog all day but every now and then it can really be worth it. Remember that day you met the cute Pepsi can and walked off into the sunset together? This is the first of Pepsi's ads around the new tag line, 'Pepsi, It's the Cola.'

Old Navy
Client: Old Navy
Brand: Old Navy Sweaters
Title: "Sweaters"
Agency: In-house
Yes, Old Navy ads are hokey and insipid but the public loves them. Here's the latest bit of mundane holiday merriment in celebration of sweaters.

Sourdough Spies
Client: Jack in the Box
Brand: Sourdough Melt Sandwiches
Title: "Spies"
Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing
The guy disguised as a wall map -- so he blends invisbly into the corridor -- is a spy for a rival fast-feeder. Doesn't everyone want to steal Jack in the Box's secrets?

Electric Arts
Client: Electronic Arts
Brand: EA Online Games
Title: "Sports Nation"
Agency: Odiorne Wilde Narraway & Partners
EA Sports Nation is an online gaming destination accessible via PlayStation 2 consoles. There, a legion of celebrity sports stars are waiting to be digitally interacted with.

Fallon Medical
Client: Fallon Community Health Plan
Brand: Health Insurance
Title: "Computer Mom"
Agency: Connelly Partners, Boston
In a scene many families will instantly recognize, a computer wizard assists an awkward novice in reaching a new level of understanding. This health plan wants consumers to do the same thing.

Magic Eyeglasses
Client: Dolce & Gabbana Eyewear
Brand: Eyewear
Title: "Maid"
Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky
This tacky exercise in tastelessness shills a kind of magical optics. Put on the new eyelasses and watch a middle-aged, overweight motel maid turn into a trashy street walker.

Phone Concert
Client: AT&T Wireless
Brand: AT&T Wireless
Title: "Recital"
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
In terms of a product reaching out to touch someone, this is as good as it gets. A wireless phone service allows a mother stranded in a traffic jam hear her young son's first public piano recital live.

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