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Let me get this clear: He never laid a glove on the kid but he pays him millions?

Now that the Super Bowl is history we can move on to the really significant sporting news. At The Sporting News, for example, Nick Niles tells me that in his and Fran Farrell's first year of running the grand old weekly, ad pages rose 31%.

Elizabeth Crow, editor of Mademoiselle, and a true sport, sent me a quarter to make up for the 23 cents postage due on the Christmas card.

You may have missed this during the hols, but Jack McClure died in Michigan at his home in Rochester Hills at age 76. A member of the Detroit Adcraft Club, he did 40 years in advertising working for major agencies on Coca-Cola, Air France, Canada Dry, Cadillac and so on. He wound up his career with Conde Nast as Detroit manager. A Harvard grad, Jack spent the War as a Marine and, courtesy of the Japanese, as a POW after Bataan and Corregidor fell.

Final figures in, TV Guide finished the year up 10% in ad pages and more than 16% in revenue. Mary Berner says big gain categories were snacks and soft-drinks, food in general, drugsand remedies, and automotive.

Skinheads and other British layabouts are being wooed by unscrupulous Irish promoters with package deals that involve being able to beat a badger nearly to death and then let the dogs tear it to pieces. Irish Channel 4 ran an investigative documentary. Appalling stuff. Jack Carroll alerted me to it.

Vying for major film honors this year, "Schindler's List," based on Thomas Keneally's book, and "In the Name of the Father," with a screenplay co-written by Terry George. In June of last year Tom wrote and Terry edited a piece about Sydney for Travel Holiday magazine.

New art director for Us, Richard Baker, who most recently had been part of the redesign team for The New York Times Magazine. He'd earlier been art director of The Washington Post's weekly mag.

Sorry to see the biz lose Jim Hayes, retiring as publisher of Fortune after 35 years at Time Inc. Stu Arnold, as noted, takes over. Hayes, who obviously isn't going to rusticate, already announced plans to get the business community more involved in educating the young. Class guy.

Bill Bondlow says with figures all in, Bridal Guide ended '93 up 10%-plus in ad pages and 7% in revenue.

Hugh Crumpler, who writes a regular column about the China-Burma-India theater of war during WWII (my main man on the subject!), tells me HarperCollins will publish in April his work, "On the Trail of the Desert Wildflower."

Susan Cappa says Vibe, the new Time Inc. pub (the debut was September), doubled its rate base already to 200,000.

Paul Hanenberg died, longtime editor at Women's Wear Daily, and briefly marketing director in New York for Dior. I once came across Mr. Hanenberg in the WWD men's room standing on a toilet seat and tossing bits of paper, confetti-like, into the air to see if the exhaust system was working properly. It wasn't. And Mr. Hanenberg cried out, in great alarm, "... and there are men working here who've not yet sired children!" Those were the grand days and Paul will be sorely missed.

When Carl Portale strode the other day into "21" for lunch, there was a small ovation, puzzling me. It seems that a year ago a media newsletter nominated Carl most likely to be sacked before the year was out. Now the same newsletter had named him "Publisher of the Year." Carl says he expects Harper's Bazaar, which sold some 900 pages of ads in '92 and some 1,500 last year, to hit 1,700 pages in '94. He, and Hearst, are planning a major tribute to Richard Avedon, the photographic darling of The New Yorker but once, years before, a star at Bazaar. As to editor Liz Tilberis, whose health has been a concern along Seventh Avenue, Carl says the surgery went well, she's recuperating nicely and ought to be back slaving away shortly.

General Media promoted Keith Ferrell to VP-editorial director for Omni, Compute, Saturday Review and other properties.

The Easter Seal Society is 75 years old this year and the big telethon is March 5 and 6 with Mary Frann and Robb Weller joining host Pat Boone and scads of celebs.

Tony Hoyt named Pamela W. Brooks promotion director of Cosmopolitan. She'd been marketing manager for Sports Illustrated.

Carole Ference at House Beautiful says for March ad pages are up 29% in a year. Beautiful!

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