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Antic animator Danny Antonucci of Vancou-ver's A.K.A Cartoon -- creator of "Lupo the Butcher" of Converse fame, not to mention the bizarre Brothers Grunt, the least popular MTV animated series of all time -- has a new series on t he Cartoon Network: Ed, Edd n Eddy. It's the story of three best friends who tackle puberty together, and it's not a typical Antonuccian raunch fest. "It's nothing like South Park," he says. "That's been done, and I've been ther e with Lupo. I'm pigeonholed as this adult animator guy -- this is different." But at 41, how do you write for this junior demo? "My wife says I'm sort of reliving my youth," he shrugs. Having sons ages 11 and 8 helps, but "bas ically, all three of the Eddies have my traits." While the scripts address serious matters, like truth and friendship, the tone is zany: "I don't like cartoons with condescending stories and parental moral issues." And with 13 h alf-hours in the can, there
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