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Bugging Honda
Marketer: Honda
Brand: Accord
Title: "Bug"
Agency: RP Alpha Group; Animation: Vinton Studios
Harnessing a bit of creative entomology to its effort, RP Alpha Group, the Honda-focused division of Rubin Postaer & Associates in Santa Monica, Calif., deploys dramatic animation for this new spot. Our six-legged friend ends up kissing the windshield of an Accord at 60 mph but leaves a curious lack of splat.

Ecstatic Agony
Marketer: Procter & Gamble Co.
Brand: Pringle's Fiery Hot
Title: "Athletes"
Agency: Grey Global Group, Arlington Heights
To the background strains of Carl Orff's dark choral masterpiece 'Carmina Burana,' determined athletes sweat and chew in ecstatic agony. The pain is their joy as they munch down Pringle's new Fiery Hot chips. Talk about feeling the burn.

Microsoft PRware
Marketer: Microsoft
Brand: Realizing Potential Campaign
Title: "Kimono"
Agency: McCann-Erickson, San Francisco
This is adapted from Microsoft's 'Realizing Potential' U.S. campaign for airing in Europe (where Microsoft is under scrutiny for alleged anti-competitive practices) and Japan. The spots are visual poems to the human spirit as well as a cunning PR lobbying effort aimed at softening the public's perceptions of the software mammoth.

Fruit Boot Camp
Marketer: Kellogg's
Brand: Fruit Twistables
Title: "New Recruits"
Agency: Leo Burnett USA, Chicago
Breakfast cereal giant Kellogg has lately been marshalling its forces for a marketing assault in a new food category: fruit snacks. This spot shows where the troops go to boot camp.

Kung Fu Armpits
Marketer: Unilever
Brand: Degree deodorant
Title: "Chinese"
Agency: DDB, Chicago
Every wonder what marshal arts heroes smear in their armpits before they start the day's work of heaving villains through walls? Well, now you know: Degree deodorant.

Absurdly Comfortable
Marketer: Red Wing Shoes
Brand: Red Wing Shoes
Title: "Chairs"
Agency: Colle & McVoy, Minneapolis
Here's a great visual conveying a sense of comfort as well as memorable absurdity. Workmen from crossing guards to bricklayers incongruously sit in thick-stuffed living room chairs at their job sites. The punch line notes, "If you can't sit down on your job, get the all day comfort of Red Wing boots."

Rolling Rock
Marketer: Labatt USA
Brand: Rolling Rock
Title: "Jukebox"
Agency: McCann-Erickson, New York
The latest brew marketer to join the stampede to low-carb beers, Labatt rolls out spots for the new Rock Green Light. It's easy to burn off a refreshing Rock Light, we're told. Just watch the cute babe do it as she presses a jukebox button. She's probably headed to the Olympics next.

Nissan Cubed
Marketer: Nissan North America
Brand: Armada SUV
Title: "Lost"
Agency: True Agency
It was a dark and stormy night in the middle a scary woods. Two lost bumblers kick through the underbrush and bemoan their inability to find the party -- or even the road. But wait, what's that glow up ahead? Why it's a Nissan Armada SUV in a cute plastic case. Just what every good forest should have.

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