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Lloyd Fritzmeier

President and CEO

Arby's Franchise Assn.

Our company is responsible for the marketing for more than 2,800 Arby's restaurants in the U.S.; we've work-ed with W. B. Doner & Co. for 10 years.

The agency is unique in its ability to create ad campaigns that build equity for the Arby's brand while also driving next-day sales. Agencies rarely achieve that balance. They tend to focus on building either traffic or image. Doner does both.

Doner has helped us position Arby's as the undisputed leader of quality and taste in quick-service restaurants. The agency has created advertising that has a competitive edge, focuses on our product and generates a change in consumer behavior. Current creative focuses on Arby's as a "better choice."

Of six ad agencies I've worked with in my career, Doner has been the best able to handle a high volume of work while controlling costs and delivering high quality.

In particular, Doner's Scott Lippitt, executive vp/account director, and John Parloto, executive vp/executive creative director, have helped us build continuity for the Arby's brand. They have consistently tapped research and creative resources from several of Doner's U.S. offices to create advertising and promotions, so they are a broad resource for Arby's.

I view the agency as one of our most important partners-not as a supplier or vendor, but as a partner. We are fortunate to have an agency that understands our customer, our industry, our brand and our franchise system.

They've demonstrated their commitment to us by putting in the time and effort

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