Bungey jumping as Bates CEO

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Bates Worldwide Chairman-CEO Michael Bungey announced he would step down in 12 months to concentrate solely on his duties as CEO of Bates holding company Cordiant Communications Group.

William J. Whitehead will assume the new post of president-chief operating officer of Bates Worldwide effective immediately. He most recently was CEO of Bates North America and group president of Bates Worldwide, a post he's held since December.

Mr. Whitehead, 54, will report directly to Mr. Bungey, 60, and be solely responsible for the day-to-day management of the agency.

Each of the four Bates regions -- North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America -- will report to Mr. Whitehead, who will remain in New York. A new CEO for North America will be named shortly. The move frees Mr. Bungey to concentrate on building Cordiant into an integrated communications company.


"Michael has done a fabulous job in the acquisitions area this year, with the purchase of Lighthouse, which was a major move for us," Mr. Whitehead said, "It really repositions CCG as a network. It makes us one of the top 10 communications companies in the world."

Lighthouse was a Chicago-based holding company of 17 marketing businesses, including Communicator, based in Chicago and London; Financial Dynamics in London; Morgen-Walke in New York; and Fitch, a design company based in Columbus, Ohio. Cordiant purchased the outfit for $592 million in July.

CCG has spent the past few months fitting the businesses into its corporate profile. Communicator has been put into 141 Integrated Communications, which has been renamed 141 Communicator, while Financial Dynamics and Morgen-Walke have been worked into a new Cordiant group called the Business to Business Communications Division. Fitch was folded into another newly made unit, the Design & Brand Development Group.

In other changes, Jay Farrell, who was head of Communicator, has been named chairman of 141 Communicator North America. Jean de Yturbe, 53, chairman of Bates Europe, will be named chairman of Bates Worldwide within the year, Mr. Bungey said. Mr. Yturbe, who will still be based in Paris, was given responsibility for developing CCG United, the network's new global cross-selling initiative.


Ian Smith, 44, becomes full-time chairman-CEO of CCG.XM, Cordiant's global e-business solutions company. Mr. Smith, who also reports to Mr. Bungey, assumes responsibility for all online initiatives, both internally and externally. He will also remain in New York.

"The business is now well-organized and well-placed," Mr. Whitehead said. "We are the No. 1 network in Australia, No. 2 in Asia and we rank in the top 10 in Europe. It's a great opportunity to accelerate our growth with a really strong management team."

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