Burnetters tackle persuasion copy

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A flurry of activity in the use of "most persuasive" words was generated at Leo Burnett Co. by memos from Chairman Leo Burnett this month in 1963. [The first noted] it seems the psychology department of Yale University selected the following 12 words as the "most personal and persuasive" in the English language: you, easy, results, money, safety, health, save, love, proven, new, discovery, guarantee.

It is pretty difficult to argue with any of them, and probably equally difficult to get all 12 into a single ad.

[In his second memo, Mr. Burnett notes] a number of our people made a game of composing ads around these words.

New discovery will guarantee love health.

You can save money and get proven results with safety.

Send for Easy Plan. The author added, plaintively, "I don't know what it is, but I want one."

A few took off on the concept of Easy Love, and I am sending them to advice columnist Ann Landers.

New discovery, proven and guaranteed, helps you save money easy and in safety, results in better health and more succcessful love.

Another inquires, "Have those Eli's forgotten that good old four-letter Anglo-Saxon word, free?"

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