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An innovative campaign that puckishly linked the client to a variety of local merchants has been judged Advertising Age's Best Out of Home Advertising for 1998.

The campaign, for California Pizza Kitchen from Santa Monica agency Colby Effler & Partners, consisted of placing outdoor boards for the client above various retailers and tying the copy on the boards to each retailer's type of business.

For instance, a board above a 99-cent store: "If they sold tandoori chicken pizza for under a buck, then they'd have something."

Other examples, each with an arrow pointing down to the retailer:

* Above a psychic reader: "Find out if you were a big fan of oriental chicken salad in a previous life."

* Above a dentist: "They prefer you lay off the garlic chicken pizza before your appointment."

Rick Colby, agency president and creative director and CD on the campaign, said it consisted of "about a dozen" locations in Southern California, ranging from a car wash to a liquor store. Everybody at the agency was on the lookout for board availabilities, he said. When a board was found, copy was written to fit the situation. "These were not expensive because they were 'all type' executions," Mr. Colby said.

He added that although the board locations were beyond the merchants' control, the agency went to the retailers and told them of their plans. None were angry, Mr. Colby said, possibly in part because on the day boards went up, free pizza was distributed to their customers.


Domecq Importers -- Sauza tequila: "Speaking part" ( Cliff Freeman & Partners, New York). Three-phase board, part of the tequila's "Life is harsh" campaign, starts with "You finally got a speaking part in a movie." Then comes "Oh baby! Don't stop! Don't stop!" Final panel shows a Sauza bottle lying on its side with "Life is harsh. Your tequila shouldn't be" under it.

Domecq Importers -- Sauza tequila: "Thong" (Cliff Freeman & Partners, New York). Another in the "Life is harsh" campaign, board says "Your mom just bought a thong."

Crunch Gyms: "Necks" ( DDB Needham, New York). Poster in a campaign for a chain of New York area fitness centers is designed like a newspaper grocery ad. Text: "This week's special. Thick Juicy Necks 39c each."

McDonald's Corp.: "Drive Thru" (Rainuzzo DDB, Buenos Aires). Argentine poster for the fast food giant is a photograph of an auto from above at night. The pattern made by the headlights forms the Golden Arches on the pavement. There is

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