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Off-camera voice: Go ahead, show me what you can do.

Model: I'm not sure what to do.

OCV: What do you do when you just stand around and you hear a good song on the radio or CD?

Model: I mosh, I like, run around the room.

OCV: You march?

Model: Yeah, mosh.

OCV: Go ahead.

Model dances around the ladder.....

OCV: That's a pretty good mosh.

Model: Thanks.

CK jeans photo from the fold out magazine insert.

Off-camera voice: Why don't you open that vest up?

Model takes off the vest, stands shirtless..... OCV: Where'd you get the tattoo?

Model: At a tattoo studio out by my house.

OCV: Uh huh. Any other tattoos?

Model: No.

OCV: Well you look good....Do you think you can act?


Off-camera voice: You got a real nice look, how old are you?

Model: Twenty-one.

OCV: What's your name?

Model: August.

OCV: Why don't you stand up.... are you strong?

Model: I'd like to think so.

OCV: You think you could rip that shirt off of ya?

Model rips off T-shirt ....

OCV: That's a nice body .... Do you work out?

Model: Uh huh.

OCV: Yeah, I can tell.

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