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What is an outstanding commercial? We let the viewers, the target of advertising, decide. Although they chose the commercials, we combine all the commercials for the campaign to compile our annual top campaigns list, now in its 18th year.

The top five campaigns were published two weeks ago. Here are the next 85 in alphabetical order. Why not ranks? Because even the sample size of more than 20,000 doesn't allow our methodology to discriminate beyond the top layer. There is a statistically significant difference between the No. 1 and No. 2 campaigns, but certainly not between 99 and 100.

In our experience, the inclusion on this list means that the campaign left a lasting impression on viewers either because of its creativity or media weight, in that frequency begets memorability.

From the advertisers' perspective what's important is memorability (remember the ad and the correct name of the brand) and likability (most commercials on the list are liked). The last exceptions were "Herb & Nerd" for Burger King Corp. in 1985 and "Jacko" for Eveready Battery Co.'s Energizer batteries in 1987.

The other 85 outstanding campaigns are: American Express Co., Bounty, Burger King, Butterfinger, Calvin Klein, Campbell Soup Co., Carnation, Carpet Fresh, Chevrolet, Chevron, Church's, Clairol, Coors, Cotton Inc., Dirt Devil, Dodge, Domino's Pizza, Dr Pepper, DuPont Stainmaster, Duracell, El Paso, Energizer, Folgers, Ford, Friskies, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Fruitopia, Gatorade, Goodyear, Hallmark, Hanes, Hershey, Honda, Huggies, Infiniti, Jell-O, Jenny Craig, KFC, Kellogg's, Kix, Kodak, Kraft, Levi's, Lexus, Lincoln, L'Oreal, MCI, M&M's, Maxwell House, Michelin, Miller Lite, Mountain Dew, Nissan, Oreo's, Oscar Mayer, Pampers, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Pantene, RCA, Radio Shack, Red Dog, Reebok, Revlon, Reynolds Wrap, Rold Gold, Saturn, Scott Tissue, Sears, Sega, 7UP, Shell, SnackWell's, Snapple, Special K, Sprint, Sprite, Staples, state lotteries, Taster's Choice, Tide, Toyota, United Airlines, Weight Watchers, Welch's and Wendy's.

Mr. Vadehra is president of Video Storyboard Tests, and he welcomes feedback. Write him at 107 E. 31st ST., New York 10016, or fax him at (212) 689-0210. Campaign Clout reports on consumer response to current advertising.

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