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The lead in cola advertising changes yet again and three frogs dubbed "Bud," "Weis" and "Er"-allied with an alligator this time-leap over rivals. So goes the second quarter's list of Outstanding TV Campaigns, as Bud reclaims the top spot.

Reclamation of a different sort is Little Caesars, which during the quarter reverted to its "zany" humor and nailed down its ranking in the Top 10 with two spots-"Anthem" and "Over-The-Counter"-for pepperoni pizza. In fact, the only time the pizzamaker failed to make the list in five years was the first quarter of this year with its "affordable" celebrities campaign with Jimmie Walker, Butch Patrick and Evel Knievel.

Polaroid is the only newcomer this quarter returning after a hiatus of 13 years. Coca-Cola's one-rung climb to No. 3 marks another upset in the cola wars, as Pepsi falls to No. 4 after topping the list in the previous quarter.

The two have been juggling their standing since 1993 and the launch of "Always Coca-Cola." Before that, the contest was much more predictable: Pepsi would have the leading campaign and Coke would be bickering with its agency, McCann-Erickson. Although it introduced two new spots during the quarter, "Pole" and "Baseball," Bud Light maintains its ranking on the strength of the "I Love You, Man" execution of the father and son fishing. "It is so cute and appealing" observed a father from Houston, "reminds me the way my children work me."M

Dave Vadehra is president of Video Storyboard Tests.

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