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1 Cadillac A 1915 essay penned by Theodore MacManus, founder of MacManus, Inc. positioned Caddies as the luxury-car standard. A recent Cadillac ad campaign from D'Arcy, Detroit (above) uses nostalgia to sell the vehicles.

2 Crest The "Look Mom-no cavities!" campaign, begun in 1958 from Benton & Bowles, helped Procter & Gamble Co.'s Crest gain share over Colgate-Palmolive Co.'s Colgate.

Coke D'Arcy made famous the rotund, jolly image of Santa Claus, as seen in this vintage 1940 Coca-Cola ad.

3 Mr. Whipple One of advertising's most enduring characters, born in Benton & Bowles' 1964 "Please don't squeeze the Charmin'."

Pampers D'Arcy New York's "Forever Young" work for P&G, launched in 2000, won praise from consumers.

4 Budweiser To compete against rival Miller, D'Arcy, St. Louis created an upbeat salute to the American worker in its "This Bud's For You" campaign (left, from 1979) for longtime client Anheuser-Busch.

5 Benton & Bowles, New York merges with D'Arcy MacManus Masius to create a $2.4 billion global network. The deal added heft to D'Arcy's New York presence and put B&B chairman-CEO John Bowen at the helm.

6 Anheuser-Busch fires DMB&B in November, 1994 after 79 years. The reason: a phone call D'Arcy management never made to inform client August Busch III that D'Arcy's TeleVest accepted a possibly conflicting account.

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