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Ogling Cheerleaders
Client: Canon USA
Brand: Digital Rebel Camera
Title: "Football"
Agency: Grey Worldwide, New York
Ogling cheerleaders as they spread their legs and pompons, Canon's new TV spot underscores the full range of SLR features in the new digital version of the company's best-selling Rebel camera.

Young Mouths and Motor Oil
Client: Valvoline
Brand: Valvoline Motor Oil
Title: "Braces"
Agency: Lowe
What could orthodontics possibly have to do with motor oil, you may ask as this spot opens. Well, money, of course. Save on your oil and have more to plow into the fiscal sinkhole of your spawn's bad teeth.

Agent Frostbite
Client: Amica Insurance
Brand: Amica Insurance
Title: "Supermarket"
Agency: Cossette Post Communications
Yo, who's that creepy guy peering out from the supermarket freezer case? Hey, it's the Amica insurance agent ready to fix your shopping cart's bad wheel. And, yes, that's ice all over his face because Amica only cares about customer needs, not agent frostbite.

Worshiping Asphalt Gods
Client: BMW of North America
Brand: BMW
Title: "Asphalt Gods"
Agency: Fallon Worldwide
The lush aerial panoramas are way more interesting than the car that turns up too late in this commercial.

Cadillac Break Through
Client: Cadillac
Brand: SRX
Title: "Stars"
Agency: Chemestri
Another sinuous road (see above) slithers its way through the latest Cadillac commercial as well. With the stars overhead and Led Zeppelin breaking through in the background, our drivers, cradled in the SRX's heated, leather seats, glory in their wilderness experience.

Swinging With Celine
Client: Coty Beauty USA
Brand: Celine Dion Parfums
Title: "Celine Dion"
Agency: Badger Kry & Partners
Although she certainly has a hell of a set of pipes as a singer, Celine really is no beauty and this commercial, unfortunately, documents that well. In one portion of the swing scenes, she looks as if she's nauseous. Later facial closeups are awkward and phony. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Frisbee Freedom
Client: T-Mobile Wireless
Brand: Camera Phone
Title: "Frisbee"
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London
Demonstrating the true power of a good image well delivered, this spot shows how some lighthearted beachside Frisbee play can ultimately trigger a revolt back at the office -- if you have the correct wireless phone.

American Express Blue Cash
Client: American Express
Brand: Blue Cash Card
Title: "Cash"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
What is 'Blue Cash' and how does one use an American Express Blue Cash card? You still won't know when this commercial is over but at least you'll get to see some nifty old-time cartoon characters throwing money around.

A Commercial With Kick
Client: Verizon Wireless
Brand: Verizon Wireless
Title: "Kick"
Agency: Lowe
This latest from Verizon features both the 'Can you hear me now?' man as well as a hapless construction manager who learns the shortcomings of brand X phones the hard way. This commercial has quite a kicker.

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