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Information Resources Inc. and Media Marketing Assessment, a division of Carat International, today will announce a partnership to conduct a joint study of the impact of TV advertising on sales of package goods.

Kraft Foods has signed as the first charter sponsor. The IRI/ MMA team is in discussions with several other major marketers, including RJR Nabisco, Campbell Soup Co., Frito-Lay, Procter & Gamble Co., Pepsi-Cola Co. and Coca-Cola Co.

"We'd like to be able to generate some very specific directions [for consumer package-goods marketers] on how best to build sales with TV advertising," said Gian Fulgoni, CEO of IRI.


Dubbed Ad Works II-Ad Works I was conducted solely by IRI seven years ago-the study will incorporate more than 2,000 consumer brands across 50 geographical U.S. markets using IRI's Info-Scan scanner data and MMA's and Carat's analytical expertise.

Also, Nielsen Media Research has agreed to provide access to its Monitor Plus database, which links TV ad information with TV ratings data at the creative level.

Charter sponsors will have access to the results; and an executive summary will be presented at the annual Advertising Research Foundation conference in March.

Sponsors that sign up in the early stages also will have the ability to help shape the study.

"We're committed to doing this," Mr. Fulgoni said, "but we trust that the industry will rally to support it."

Ed Dittus, CEO and founder of MMA, said this is designed to correct the fact that "There is no physics of advertising right now."


"We want to drive some accountability," Mr. Fulgoni said. "I think this study is completely aligned with pay-for-performance. I found what Young & Rubicam and DDB Needham were saying [in an Advertising Age article dated Sept. 8] to be very refreshing. It's very much aligned with the interests of the advertisers."

Ad Works II, which has been endorsed by ARF, will focus only on TV advertising. Brand characteristics such as loyalty, level and type of media support,

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