CBS poll a poke in the eye

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Some 200 visitors to CBS' Web site got caughtin a tangled web of misfired e-mail messages over the weekend because InfiNet,CBS's server company, misprogrammed an e-mail reply format. Users registered onthe service's "Eye on the Net," all of whom have provided their e-mail addressesas volunteers for informal network polls, were surprised when their commentsabout a new CBS show called "Dweebs"--and those of dozens of others--werererouted back to their mailboxes.

"It's the irony of using technology to gauge interest in a show abouttechnology," said Jim Byrne, CBS's director of marketing communications. "Itcame back around and slapped us in the face. We hope people will understand whathappened." Mr. Byrne said the server was shut off after the problem wasdiscovered, and that the site returned to business as usual on Monday.

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