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Brands we wouldn't be surprised to find ourselves writing obituaries for in the new millennium:

Wow!: And anything else containing Olean. Just thinking about the future of these products can result in abdominal cramping and loose stools.

Plymouth: Even the Prowler won't help this moribund nameplate. Memo to DaimlerChrysler: Know when to fold 'em.

U.S. News & World Report: A decade ago, media observers predicted at least one of the big three newsweeklies would be gone by now. Their timing was a bit off.

TWA: Will this once-proud carrier ever find its real niche? It's been adrift in the clouds for years, neither no-frills airline nor regional powerhouse.

WebTV: Look out, Tom Arnold, you're about to get steamrollered by emerging technologies that will make your computerless Web access seem like a quaint novelty 10 years from now.

Hardee's: The No. 4 burger chain looks less and less likely to recover from a seemingly endless series of marketing missteps. It's now even dragging down the

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