Cereal Brands Vying to Be Your New Years Dieting Resolution

Tale of the Tape: Kellogg's Special K and General Mills' MultiGrain Cheerios

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CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- If it's January, it's time to go on that diet. And a couple of cereal brands are using the season to push new weight-loss oriented campaigns.

Kellogg Co. has run its Resolutions campaign for several years now, which puts Special K at the center of a two-week diet. This year's effort, called "What You Will Gain When You Lose," has an emotional edge, featuring events that ask women to step on scales that return, not their weight, but words of encouragement.

General Mills moved aggressively into the diet space last year with its MultiGrain Cheerios brand, including a product plug on "The Biggest Loser." The marketer has poured more resources behind the campaign this year, featuring "The Biggest Loser" in advertising and packaging.

Here's a look at how the two brands, campaigns and diets compare.

Sales* 14th-best selling cereal with 1.63% market share The top-selling variety is Special K Red Berries, which is the 12th-best selling cereal at 1.77% share. Regular Special K is 16th with a 1.32% share
Calories 110 calories per serving before the milk 110 calories per serving for Red Berries before the milk
Claim A 7-day plan can help you "lose the holiday weight" Loose up to six pounds in two weeks
Diet Eat preselected meals that include three servings of Cheerios over seven days. Meal options include a turkey burger for lunch or a grilled fish for dinner, for instance For basic plan, eat Special K cereal, meal bars or protein shakes for two meals then one meal of your choice, plus two snacks of Special K-branded items like crackers or cereal bars
Tools Web site includes body mass index calculator and motivational videos featuring trainers form the Biggest Loser TV show Track the plan on a mobile app or web site that also includes fitness tips
Reality General Mills avoids hitting you over the head with its brands, but it does want you to sweat -- the plan requires six days of cardio, mobility and strength training Get ready to eat a lot of cereal, unless you're OK with a liquid diet of protein shakes
Plug TV ads, plus plan is plugged on episodes of the Biggest Loser TV ads, plus events in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles ask women to step on a scale that returns, not their weight, but positive messages
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