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old Guard

Thomas Coughlin: The 25-year Wal-Mart vet and No. 2 to CEO Lee Scott announced in December he's retiring next month. His duties were divided among several executives.

Jim Haworth: The 19-year veteran and chief operating officer was dismissed along with six lower-ranking employees in December for unspecified policy breach. In videotaped deposition in sex-discrimination suit, Mr. Haworth acknowledged a photo in a 2000 Sam's Club newsletter showing him on a chair shaped like woman's stiletto-heel shoe.

Don Harris: Retired last April as exec VP-general merchandise at 46, after 24 years with Wal-Mart. Like his dad, he retired from Wal-Mart young to spend time with his family. But some believe increasing business and publicity pressure on Wal-Mart may have hastened the move.

Bob Connolly: Outgoing CMO jokingly told vendors in January that his big contribution has been "Mrs. Rollback Man," female persona of the smiley-face icon. But he's also presided over other recent marketing shifts.

Coleman Peterson: After 10 years at


the human resources chief retired last fall to a consulting practice.

New Guard

John Menzer: At 53, he's only two years junior to CEO Lee Scott, but some see the head of fast-growth international division as a success- or-possibly as soon as 2006.

Doug Degn: A 22-year veteran, the exec VP-food, consumables, electronics and entertainment is among dwindling vets of the Sam Walton era. Liked and respected by vendors .

Claire Watts: The 45-year-old veteran of such retailers as The Limited and May came to head Wal-Mart's store-brand program in 1997. Moved up to top merchandising role with Mr. Harris' departure.

Mike Duke: CEO of Wal-Mart Stores division, 54, came to Wal-Mart in 1995 after 23 years in department-store business, mainly with Federated Department Stores.

Julie Lyle: VP-corporate marketing, advertising and administration oversees internal creative unit following reorganization last year. She's a director of the ANA and possible internal candidate for CMO. She joined in 2001 from Raytheon.

Eduardo Castro-Wright: Replacement for Mr. Haworth as chief operating officer of Wal-Mart Stores division ran Mexico unit since 2001. The long-time Nabisco exec headed Honeywell's power and transportation business.

Lawrence Jackson: New HR chief is a long-time PepsiCo exec and former COO of Wal-Mart rival Dollar General.

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