Excerpts From Bob Garfield's ANA Presentation

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NEW YORK ( -- The disruptive and transformative change now sweeping all segments of the marketing and advertising industry is only the beginning of the chaos that's coming, according to Ad Age's Bob Garfield. Watch excerpts of his "Chaos Scenario 2.0" presentation at the Association of National Advertisers' TV Forum last week.

Among other things, he explains why, in terms of its culture, organization, expertise, and compensation structures, a global advertising agency "can no more easily transition from a gross rating points mentality to a world of aggregation, information, optimization and customer relations management than Young and Rubicam can transition from English to French. It is two entirely different grammars and two entirely different vocabularies, not even to mention revenue models. "

ALSO: Read Full Text Version of Chaos Scenario 2.0

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