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Chaos! Comics is pitching product placement deals in its titles for advertisers willing to "dwell in darkness." "Our outreach to marketers . . . comes at a time when we consistently sell between 100,000 and 150,000 comic books a month," says Brian Pulido, Chaos! president. "In other words, Chaos! Comics is a `sure thing,' and we want to let the corporate world know that now is the time to `get into bed' with us!" Chaos! publishes the likes of "Lady Death," a humongously endowed heroine. Chaos! is targeting automotive, beverage, airline, food and footwear marketers.

Virgin territory in new soda ads

Virgin Cola doesn't have the bucks of Coke or Pepsi, but it will put a more controversial edge into its TV spots, expected to debut in 10 markets next month. Themes to be covered: Gay marriage. Homelessness. Down's syndrome. The work, which could go national, is from Ground Zero/Santa Monica.

`Shopper' goes to college

Computer Shopper in July sends a 230-page guide on picking a PC for college to 1 million households with graduating seniors. Group publ. Al DiGuido got the idea last year at his daughter's freshman orientation at Villanova, where the school's computer people fielded questions from confused parents. "This is a real hot market," says DiGuido. The guide's just one of his new schemes. Also coming: a weekly ad in USA Today starting in July, created in-house and featuring deals from 10 Shopper advertisers. DiGuido will use the campaign as a value-add for clients and as a way to promote his mag and Web site (

New girlie mag vs. ex-Gurley mag

What's wrong with this, uh, picture? Behind the counter at our local drugstore, with only its name showing, was the July Playboy. Hidden from view was a cover showing the wholesome facial close-up of model Karen McDougal along with a promo for the feature story: "Is Jerry Springer for real? A hard-hitting interview." In front of the counter, in plain view and within easy grasp of kids, was the July Cosmo. It features a very sexy full-body cover photo of babe Beri Smither and carries a promo line for its big story: "Yes, yes, yes. Multiple orgasms. Cosmo's come again guide to help you climax over and over. Read this, grab him and head to bed."

Merge urge? . . . Down with Hell

Chris Kimball, Leo Burnett's new general counsel joining in August, is a mergers and acquisitions specialist. Rumors anyone? . . . After Sony's Lowe blow, how is the agency's SF branch doing with client Sun? Rumors pop up about clouds over the relationship, but Sun ad chief Tracey Stout says the Sun/Lowe team is "extremely tight," and the relationship is "on very solid ground.". . . Adages had hell to pay for locating Hell in Michigan's Upper Peninsula last week. Hell is not U.P., but down, in the Lower Peninsula.

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Alice Z. Cuneo, Jeff Jensen, Louise Kramer, Chuck Ross and Judann Pollack.

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