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Bizarre Spot of the Week
Client: Perfetti van Melle
Brand: Vigorsol Air Chewing Gum
Title: "Nips"
Agency: BBH London
Hands-down winner of the Bizarre Spot of the Week Award is this one from Italy, about a chewing gum that makes your nipples grow. Watch a bare-chested young man's nipples blossom out to finger length as he then performs a variety of strange tricks. The special effects chest rig that made the stunt possible was created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

Martha's Victory Sign
Client: Kmart
Brand: Kmart
Title: "In the K"
Agency: Grey Worldwide, New York
Martha Stewart throws a victory sign and a big smile in a new commercial for Kmart. Perhaps she knows something we don't. This spot, featuring the indicted doyenne of domesticity, is entitled "In the K" -- could that mean "In the Klink"?

The Urinal SUV
Client: Dodge
Brand: Durango SUV
Title: "Poster"
Agency: GlobalHue of Southfield, Mich.,
Dragging viewers into a men's room and forcing them to peep out from under a closed-door toilet stall, Dodge delivers its Durango message in the form of tasteless penis-size jokes. Do you think the corporate officers at Dodge feel a personal sense of pride about speaking to the American public in this vernacular?

Surfing a Plasma Screen
Client: Pioneer Electronics
Brand: Pure Vision Plasma Display
Title: "Surfer"
Agency: Rubin Postaer & Associates
With one of the more ususual executions of a surfing cutout manuever, Pioneer shows off its new HDTV plasma display. It's just the thing for anyone who has been losing sleep over the fact that their current TV screen can't deliver 1 billion differnt colors.

Surfing a Cholesterol Drug
Client: Pfizer
Brand: Lipitor
Title: "Surfer"
Agency: Merkley Newman Harty Partners
She's a long-time vegetarian health-freak and an aging surfer girl. But despite being a type not often associated with cholesterol, she has a high count. But everything has been hanging 10 again since she started taking Lipitor. Lipitor: Get on board.

Heat Waves
Client: Nat. Oilheat Research Alliance
Brand: Oilheat
Title: "White Heat"
Agency: Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.
Boring subject, neat effects. This spot for a mundane fuel product uses an eye-catching simulation of heat moving through a house. It's part of the latest winter offensive from the heating oil industry.

Windshield Visitor
Client: Sony
Brand: PlayStation 2
Title: "Bail"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day
Good God!, Sally, who's that man embedded in our windshield? Is this a real road or did we take a wrong turn into some new video game? PlayStation 2, warping reality again.

Home Loans
Client: Standard Federal Bank
Brand: Family Banking Services
Title: "Home"
Agency: BBDO Chicago
Offering mortgage services that change apartment walls into picket fences, Standard Federal Bank does a homespum pitch that makes you want to run outside right now and crank up your own barbecue grill.

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