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SYDNEY-In Australia, an "old boiler" is an elderly woman trying to dress and pass as a youngster. And here, new ads for fast-food chain Nando's Chickenland moved one local columnist to gush, "It's the first time a pair of old boilers have looked better than a couple of spunky young chicks."

Drivers and pedestrians are doing double-takes-and doubling over-for the scantily clad chicks in Nando's poster. The ad mimics a controversial Joico haircare campaign (Advertising Age International, June 19).

But while local city councils tried to ban the Joico ad that inspired it, Nando's return volley has provoked only laughter from most Sydneysiders.

"The chickens just make the stereotype poster of the model women look so silly," the columnist wrote.

Nando's outdoor ads are the brainchild of @ the virtual creative dept, the new local creative boutique that made the ad on a $3,500 budget. Local media buyers estimate the campaign has already reaped $250,000 in publicity for Nando's.

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