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Bogus PBS Content Ads
Marketer: Chipotle Mexican Grill
Brand: Chipotle Mexican Grill
Title: "Masterpiece," "News," "Pledge"
Agency: TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder, Colo.

Are these three new commercials for the once-commercial-free PBS a case of Chipotle product placement in PBS programming or PBS product placement in Chipotle commercials? The curious project is the first work by TDA Advertising of Boulder for Chipotle, which is a corporate sponsor of the PBS cooking show 'The Minimalist.' The bogus-content spots are designed to run as bookends to the show's April 17 season premiere.

Meet the Sheepboys
Marketer: Mars/Masterfoods USA
Brand: Skittles Smoothie Mix
Title: "Sheepboys"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day

In sync with the bizarre sense of humor that grounded last fall's tree-bark-eating lumberjacks Skittles commercial, this new spot stars half-sheep/half-human characters. The two 'Sheepboys' wax eloquent about how Skittles was able to blend together the seemingly incompatible flavors of orange-mango and peach-pear in its new Smoothie Mix.

Adult Wireless
Marketer: Unicel
Brand: Unicel Wireless
Title: "Deli"
Agency: Kelliher Samets Volk, Burlington, Vt.

Zigging as its competitors zag, rural wireless provider Unicel is essentially ignoring the glitzy youth market to concentrate on providing no-nonsense cell phone service for older adults. This is one of a series of new commercials that suggest new uses -- like translations at the local butcher shop -- for practical-minded rural inhabitants.

Sony's PSP Ad
Marketer: Sony
Brand: PlayStation PSP
Title: "PlayStation"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat Day

This is the spot that launched Sony's new PlayStation Portable game console last week. The handheld PSP goes head-to-head against the Nintendo DS that was released last November. Both represent the latest genre of game machines that are wireless multimedia communications devices as well as gaming consoles.

Husky Girls
Marketer: Ajinomoto Stadium
Brand: Ajinomoto Stadium
Title: "Husky Girls"
Agency: Dentsu, Tokyo

Tokyo's Ajinomoto Soccer Stadium is promoting itself with this offbeat spot from Dentsu. A young man wanders into a Tokyo suburb where all the women his age speak with the husky voices of old men. Only by accident does he discover the reason. This won the Best of TV prize at the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival in Thailand earlier this month.

Death of Landlines
Marketer: Cellular South
Brand: Cellular South
Title: "Landline"
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago

With mournful music and moody visuals, this spot sounds a dirge for the landline home telephone. We see a jumble of old touchtones piled under newspapers, used as coat hooks, abandoned in attic storage and given to the dog as a chew toy. A spoken tagline tells us its time to find our new voice in the Cellular South.

Clydesdale Race Horses
Marketer: Anheuser-Busch
Brand: Budweiser
Title: "Horsepower"
Agency: DDB, Chicago

The Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales, always known for their predictably somber, plodding presence, shift gears big time in this one. Taken for a spin by Nascar ace Dale Earnhardt Jr., the horse team burns hooves all the way around the track.

Canine Devils and Angels
Marketer: Dad's Pet Food, Meadville, Pa.
Brand: Dad's Dog Food
Title: "Full Line"
Agency: TenUnited, Pittsburgh

Putting a canine twist on the much-used concept of shoulder-residing devils and angels, Dads Pet Foods of Meadville, Pa., pokes its finger in the eye of those high-priced gourmet nutritional dog chows.

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