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Chrysler Corp. is rolling out its first international corporate branding campaign for the Asia-Pacific region.

The ads, backing the Chrysler brand, are breaking now through August and are expected to run through the 1998 model year.

The integrated campaign could generate spending of an estimated $60 million.

The corporate ads and similar-looking Chrysler-branded product ads will run in Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.


"This is a stronger overall brand image campaign in each market with consistency in each market," said Randal Ewers, marketing director for Chrysler's Asia-Pacific operations. "We've had Jeep advertising that's been quite strong, and its brand image is very close to global now."

In the past, he said, Bozell Worldwide's local offices abroad handled advertising in their respective markets.

The Southfield, Mich., office of Bozell is agency of record for Chrysler's international and corporate accounts.

Bozell's creatives and account people from the foreign markets came to Southfield for a week last year to plot ad strategy, said David Vawter, senior partner-international creative director.

"We sat in a room for four or five days and argued while we developed the creative," he said.


A basic strategy was formulated, with specifics added and changed via fax and phone over the subsequent months. Several overseas Bozell offices sent staff back when shooting was done in the U.S. "to make sure the ads were culturally correct in the way people were portrayed," Mr. Vawter said.

The result is a slew of Chrysler product TV spots and print ads mirroring the TV creative. Each market has its own product TV advertising; Australia and New Zealand share the same ads.

Each spot is for a single vehicle and opens with similar b&w, vintage-looking footage that changes to color when the Chrysler Neon, Voyager, Stratus, Caravan or Concorde appears.

"Once, traveling with the family was a bit confining," voice-over says at the opening of Taiwan's Caravan minivan spot showing a couple with two young children on a Vespa motor bike: "That was then, this is now."

That line is used in all product spots, which share some footage.

"Because we prepared all the ads together, we probably saved 20% or more of what we would spend on producing a comparable spot for the U.S.," Mr. Ewers said.


The sole corporate spot uses the same footage as one of the carmaker's U.S. brand ads. Although it doesn't use the U.S. corporate tag of "Great cars. Great trucks," the voice-over uses that line. The corporate ad, which also has a version for a three-page print spread, shows Jeeps and Chryslers.

Chrysler sold 225,000 vehicles outside North America last year, with 78,000 in

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