Cindy Gallop: 10 Women I'll Be Watching in Adland in 2013

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Cindy Gallop
Cindy Gallop

I make it my business to be aware of and champion women doing great work everywhere -- but here are 10 of them I'll particularly be keeping tabs on in the coming year.

This is a very personal list; these are all women I know, have worked with, met or interacted with. But that shouldn't be where this list ends. I hope you'll share in the comments section below those female execs that you predict will be newsmakers in 2013 -- because they are catalysts for change, skyrocketing through the ranks in their companies, stirring up all kinds of controversy, or all of the above. We should all keep tabs on them.

Jocelyn Goldfein, director of engineering, Facebook
If you've never seen Jocelyn Goldfein speak, run -- don't walk -- to her next conference gig. I'm keeping an eye on what Jocelyn spearheads this year at Facebook, because the future is ad products, not ad units, and Facebook hasn't even begun to leverage that in the way that it could.

Jackie Jantos, global creative director, Coca-Cola
Jackie helped launch "Open Happiness" and now leads Coca-Cola Music and other programs. She has an exceptionally intelligent and creative grasp of where to take the brand in social, interactive spaces. Watch out for more cutting-edge initiatives from her this year (keep an eye on vending). Follow her @laneythecat.

Tammy Gordon, director of social communications & strategy at AARP
Tammy has done amazing work in the social space for a brand with a real image problem. 2013 may well be the year she convinces me to stop throwing my AARP "join us" solicitations in the trash the minute I get them. Follow her at @floridagirlindc.

Anne Bologna, managing director, MDC Partners
Managing a highly varied portfolio of companies for growth and success takes exceptional smarts, exceptional business acumen and exceptional tact and charm. The exceptional Anne Bologna is sure to give bigger holding companies a run for their money in 2013. Follow her at @bologniac.

Kat Gordon, founder/creative director, Maternal Instinct & founder, The 3PerCent Conference
Kat Gordon saw a problem our industry has been talking about for years -- the lack of women in creative departments, the fact that only 3% of all agency creative directors in the U.S. are female -- and did something about it. 2012's 3PercentConference was fantastic. What PercentConference will it be this year? Follow her at @katgordon.

Farrah Bostic, founder, The Difference Engine
One of the most-impressive thinkers and, importantly, doers that I know. Farrah is the epitome of hybrid talent -- a "lean planner," mobile expert, blogger and brilliant speaker who built her own website. Watch whatever she does in 2013, because it will be the future. Follow her at @farrahbostic.

Heidi Hackemer, strategist & co-founder, Six Items Or Less
I've been watching Heidi ever since she stood out from the University of Wisconsin-Madison team when I judged the AAF National Student Advertising Competition back in 2001. I want to see where she takes her American Dream project -- a girl, a truck, the whole of America -- in 2013. Follow her at @uberblond.

Frances Allen, EVP, chief marketing officer, Denny's Corp
She's overseen six quarters of positive sales -- for the first time since 2004 -- and a stock price that has doubled since she joined in 2010. I can't wait to see what's next from the woman who brought us "America's Diner Is Always Open," Baconalia and the Hobbit Menu.

Susan Credle, chief creative officer, Leo Burnett
I first met -- and was blown away by -- Susan when we sat on the same Creative Review Committee at the AdCouncil. Leo Burnett is lucky to have one of the stars of the 3% at its helm. I particularly loved "The Day Before" work Susan oversaw at Burnett for FEMA and the AdCouncil, and will be watching for more great work in 2013. Follow her at @susancredle.

Oonie Chase, creative director, Full & Bye and co-founder, IfWeRanTheWorld/
Yes, I'm biased, but I wouldn't partner, much less co-found two startups, with anyone who was less than extraordinary. Oonie is , in her own words, "an experience designer who has never met a 'What if?' not worth tangling with." Check out the innovative approach she'll be bringing to the UX design world in 2013 at our double act presentation at the LeanUXNYC conference in April. Follow her at @ooonie.

Cindy Gallop is the former chairman of BBH New York and founder of IfWeRanTheWorld & MakeLoveNotPorn. Follow her on Twitter @cindygallop.

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