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Missing client strategy sessions and contact is what compelled Cindy Giller to change agencies three years ago, bringing to Young & Rubicam an extensive background in technology media.

"I found I really missed the direct client contact," she says. "That's what really makes media fun and exciting."

Now with Y&R for nearly four years, Ms. Giller, 44, most recently was senior VP-media director and COO for Hodskins, Simone & Searls, San Francisco, which was recently sold to Publicis.

"I've been in media my whole career, and it's given me a chance to work with people who are bringing new products and new ideas to market that have never been here before," she says.

Technology clients, Ms. Giller says, "get it. They are far more interested in spending time talking about trends, about what's really happening in media, what the shifts are underfoot, not just saying 'hand over the facts.'

"There's a true sense of partnership building, that we are working together to strategize about what lies ahead so they're not left behind."

Technology clients also are increasingly able to see beyond the vertical trade publications as resources to reach their customers, Ms. Giller says.

Novell, for example, took advantage of an opportunity to become involved with an ESPN telecast of a senior Professional Golfers' Association of America event and reaped "a lot of synergy with senior business and the male target audience," she says.

Novell is a sponsor for the senior PGA Tour this year. "We're just starting to get feedback from that tournament, but the initial reaction is that it was a nice fit," she says. "That kind of feedback from customers ... that's important."

Ms. Giller says there has been a significant recognition on the part of business-to-business clients that it's no longer enough to target just IT executives. Increasingly, they have to also reach senior business management.

"There's been readership migration ... in that IT executives are watching and reading more general business news, and that senior management is more interested in technology as well," she says. "What we're seeing are more plans ... in which clients reach out to their customers through more broad-based media choices."

Some of the media choices, however, do come with hefty price tags. In those situations, Ms. Giller says, some crafty positioning and negotiation is necessary, with crucial placement within publications a top priority.

Although Ms. Giller majored in journalism at San Diego University and thought of pursing a writing career, she got hooked on marketing while working for Varian Associates, a technology company in the Silicon Valley.

"This was right at the time when high technology was just taking off, about 20 years ago," she says. "It was my first exposure to Silicon Valley ... and I

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