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Clay Felker's brilliance as an editor included a healthy respect for accuracy (witness the fact-checking departments at New York and New West), so just to keep the record straight: your chronology (AA, April 17) has him heading New York in the Herald Tribune from 1963 to 1967. That's off by a year.

New York made its debut in the Sunday Herald-Tribune on Sept. 29, 1963. Its editor was Sheldon Zalaznick, who deserves credit for making a home for Trib staffers Tom Wolfe and Jimmy Breslin (to name the most illustrious) in the magazine and defining its personality. Clay took over New York 52 issues later, on Sept. 27, 1964. His first issue was filled with a "Special Report on Fur and Fashions," although it also contained a Breslin piece.

Also, in Steve Yahn's sidebar interview with Clay, the design is mentioned, and Milton Glaser is given sole credit. Peter Palazza did the original, elegant, airy design of New York in the Trib (it was, of course, a large-size gravure magazine). When Clay relaunched New York as an independent (Time-sized) publication, Milton essentially shrank the Palazzo design. That didn't work very well, so it fell to Walter Bernard, later Milton's partner, to tweak Milton's version in order to make it work in the smaller page size.

Lawrence S. Dietz

(A contributing editor

to New York, later an

editor at New West)

Santa Monica, Calif.

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