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The familiar looks grotesque, holding enough shock value to necessitate an HMO for just about anyone who lacks a stomach of steel. At least that was the idea behind this HealthMate ad for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island from Pagano Schenck & Kay, Boston. Credits to CD Steve Bautista, art director Wade Devers, writer Tim Cawley, and photographer Shawn Michienzi

'Part of our strategy was to get sued,' explains Gyro CD/writer Steve Grasse of this ad campaign for a Philadelphia tanning salon. And just in case the Newts (featured in another execution) and Michael Jacksons of the world missed their spot in the sun, Grasse says, they mailed the celebs copies of the ads with free tanning coupons. Geoff Weiser art directed9It's the Cliff Freeman Comedy Corner!

The Comedy Corner goes back to the godhead this month as we acknowledge a TV spot promoting an earthshattering slice of news: Little Caesars now delivers. "We really wanted this to feel like the Second Coming," explains Cliff Freeman & Partners art director Matt Vescovo. "Little Caesars was so late to introduce delivery because they waited until they had perfected every aspect of it."

At least that's what this hilarious commercial, directed by David Kellogg of Propaganda Films, would have you believe. The spot opens on a hidden desert training camp, where a corps of delivery men are frantically honing their skills on practice equipment: climbing stairs, knocking on doors, reciting the "Pizza Pizza" slogan. A mechanical dog chases a delivery guy; later he's seen enduring a lawn sprinkler blast to the groin. The point was to "protect the pizzas at all cost," Vescovo says. "We wanted all this documented in a scientific way, but at the same time we didn't want it to be too slick."

The mock-serious music track, composed by Michael Carroll of New York, "has the orchestral feel of 'Chariots of Fire,' " Vescovo says, "then you have this cheesy guitar sailing above everything."

Other credits to CD Arthur Bijur, writer Steve Dildarian, producer Anne Kurtzman. Jerry Fried at Red Car, New York, edited.

With frazzled type and wry copy, a spread for GTE Phone Mart from Temerlin McClain, Dallas, aims to entice Xers with the social advantages of mobile communication by providing a startling glimpse of the social catastrophes that await those who remain, shall we say, immobilized.

Modestly headlined, "Can we interest you in a cellular phone?" the copy, crammed into the left side of the spread (seen in the detail here) pushes cellular via cellulite and other dermal-directed dating disasters.

Credits to art director Brad White, writer Steve Spencer, creative director Bill Oakley and photographer Rob Debenport.

"All For Fun For All," an unusual compact disc release from the Swell Radio Playhouse, the radio production arm of Chicago post house Swell Inc., is a "labor of love" by some of Chicago's top advertising writers and producers, says Playhouse exec producer Greg Gotts.

With contributions by Windy City radio heavies like George Moore at Leo Burnett, Bob Monachino at DDB Needham and Bill Oakley at DMB&B, the CD, which has been distributed to advertising agencies, is a funny collection of all those little advertising scripts that couldn't find a forum but were too good to be ignored. For instance, "The Hoferbrau Beer Wholesalers Convention" is a takeoff on the explosion of beer flavors, tempting us with a bizarre variety of longnecks, such as a morning-after brew garnished with cigarette butts.

Another spot presents the typical recording session from hell, in which a fickle client makes a hapless announcer try out countless deliveries-and the client, of course, finally decides to go with the first take.

Other credits to audio engineers Steve Wilke, Bill Kovach and James Hoffman.

Bozell/New York copywriter Sean Looney and art director George Capuano had an idea for a prose-poetic Valvoline motor oil spot aimed at Gen X, but, clearly, "it's not the kind of spot that would storyboard well," says Capuano. It's a grainy b&w docu-fantasy in which a young nebbish, sitting in a parking lot in his jalopy, pines for a ride in his dream car with his dream girl, the brunette sitting over yonder apparently waiting for a lift.

In a refreshing blast of slacker optimism, suddenly she comes over and asks him for a ride, blowing him out of his erotic reverie. His junk heap starts right up, of course, because he's a Valvo-dude. This is certainly not your typical 10-point lube job, so the creatives took some personal initiative as well as some personal funds, posted want ads around town and eventually hired director Meaghan Kimball and DP Sean Ramjerdi, recent graduates of the NYU film school.

The talent is a Bozell secretary and Capuano's brother in law, who also supplied the car. They showed the spot to the client, sold it with no hassle and were even provided with the money for music, a professional voiceover and the required product shot. The 60-second "Dream Date" debuted on the Indy 500, which is a dream date in itself.

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