Clinton launches ad attack on Dole

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The Clinton/Gore campaign on Monday launched its expected TV attack on GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole's tobacco advertising stance. A 30-second spot breaking in competitive markets from Squier Knapp Ochs, Washington, pictures children smoking.

"These children are trying smoking for the first time. One will die from the habit," says the ad. "President Clinton says to stop ads that teach our children to smoke. But Bob Dole opposes a FDA limit on tobacco ads that appeal to children, [and] says cigarettes aren't necessarily addictive. Bob Dole or President Clinton--Who's really protecting our children?"

The Clinton campaign said the ad will run for a week and said the tobacco issue "draws a clear distinction between the president's standing up to entrenched interests to protect children and Sen. Dole's unwillingness to do the same." A Dole spokesman called the ad "hypocrisy" and said the Clinton campaign can't produce a single piece of evidence that Mr. Dole favors tobacco ads aimed at children.

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