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Elephant in a Trash Bag
Marketer: Clorox Co.
Brand: Glad
Title: "Elephant"
Agency: DDB San Francisco

My God! Is that an elephant galumphing across traffic over there? Quick, get a trash bag. Yes, a Glad ForceFlex trash bag. It's strong enough to hold a struggling elephant with pointy tusks. See for yourself.

Good Beer, Dirty Steak
Marketer: Adolph Coors Co.
Brand: Aspen Edge
Title: "Backyard"
Agency: Deutsch, New York

Using the tagline 'It's better,' this new spot for low-carb Aspen Edge features a verbal game of one-upmanship. It all ends with a barbecued steak heaved into the dirt.

Creative Investment
Marketer: TIAA-Cref
Brand: Financial Services
Title: "Greater Good"
Agency: Modernista, Boston

For a field as boring as financial services is, TIAA Cref makes consistently good ads anchored in a sense of the artistic. But that's no surprise, given that its specialty is providing investment services to creative individuals who work so hard toward the greater good that they just don't have the time to think about something as tiresome as money.

A Coach's Big Sell
Marketer: Ford Motor Co.
Brand: F150 Pickup
Title: "Nick Saban Intro"
Agency: St. John & Partners, Jacksonville, Fla.

Louisiana State University football coach Nick Saban has long made it a point to decline product endorsement offers. But now in a campaign for the 78-member Louisiana and Mississippi Ford dealers association, he marks his coming out as a huckster with the best of them.

Crossing the Fields With KeyBank
Marketer: KeyBank
Brand: KeyBank Online Banking
Title: "Everywhere"
Agency: GSW, Columbus, Ohio

So, you're driving down a farmland road and suddenly wondering what the hell that big red ribbon snaking across the cornfield is. Well, its KeyBank's new ad gimmick. This is the online division of Cleveland-based KeyCorp, which is one of the country's largest banking-based financial services companies.

Finding Herself a Toy
Marketer: Volkswagen Argentina
Brand: VW Fox
Title: "Divinas"
Agency: La Comunidad, Miami

Made for the Argentina market, this commercial features a VW Fox and a woman's seductive advances on her tennis instructor. In the background is the lyric 'If you want something to play with, go and find yourself a toy,' from the song 'Tell It Like It Is,' made famous in 1966 by Aaron Neville. The ad ends by wistfully concluding it was the man -- rather than the car -- that was the real toy.

Designer Appliances
Marketer: Bosch
Brand: Bosch
Title: "Everyday"
Agency: Hamon & Assoc., Santa Monica

Bosch infuses its latest ads with the same understated design aesthetic found in its products. This is a company that somehow manages to make even washers and dryers look like sleek minimalist sculpture.

The NFL Goes to School
Marketer: National Football League
Brand: NFL Youth Programs
Title: "Attendance"
Agency: Gepetto Group, New York

The NFL and JCPenney team up in this 'Take a Player to School' contest promotion. The campaign advances the league's family-friendly advertising strategy at the same time it gets young fans (who must visit a Pennys to get an entry form) to nag their mothers into buying them more cool JCPenney sports gear.

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