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CNBC is expected to roll out its first "smart" commercial in conjunction with the launch today of its CNBC Intercast service.

For PCs with a TV tuner and Intel Corp.'s Intercast software, CBNC Intercast will run as regular, real-time TV programming in the upper left-hand corner of the computer screen. The bottom of the screen will feature CNBC information similar to that on its Web site, along with occasional "smart" commercials -- ads offering users access to more information on products and services that appear in TV spots.


Electronic Data Systems Corp., which configures electronic data systems and helped develop CNBC Intercast, will run the first such commercial. When an EDS commercial runs on CNBC, a box will appear on the bottom half of the PC screen with icons users can click on for more information on EDS.

"The smart commercial promotes the company and technology for customers, but it is also closing the advertising loop and having the viewer do something," said Peg Murphy, director of business development for NBC Interactive.

No other advertisers have signed up yet for smart commercials or regular sponsorship advertising on CNBC Intercast. Ms. Murphy said CNBC is only actively beginning to pitch advertisers now.

Sponsorship rates have not been set yet, she said.

Using smart commercials "is a way to better get our message out," an EDS spokeswoman said. "Also, by being involved now, it allows us to judge the merit of the service first and early."

CNBC TV programming is currently available to 60 million households in the U.S., but the number of PC users with TV tuners in their computers is still in the low six figures.

Intercast is one of several consumer push technologies being hawked to

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